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    Eve Lorgen on Toxic Alien Vampirism

    This is the best Reptilian Alien related interview I have ever heard. Mind blowing from start to finish. Great to listen to if your tripping. [YOUTUBE]
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    David Sereda - contacting Pleadians through meditation

    [YOUTUBE] This episode we are joined by David Sereda who talks to us about his newly born second child who he is very proud of. He tells us about the true joy of having a child and how it makes you feel much more connected to the universe. We then disembark on a true voyage with David as he...
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    Robert Bruce - The Suns Power Against Demons

    Robert speaks about the topics covered in his best selling book, The Practical Guide to Psychic Self Defense. He actually finishes the story he started during his last two appearances, the story of his first exorcism which was done upon himself. Robert talks about the sunlight and earth healing...
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    Reptilians, Genesis and Nakash

    Pretty cool interview, I really liked the part about genesis. Seems these "Reptilians" have been interacting with us for some time now. [YOUTUBE]
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    Top Government Scientist Explains the Astral Plane

    Albert Taylor who is just as respected in the scientific world as he is the paranormal. Albert has high level security clearance and worked on major secret projects such as Regans Star Wars(SDI) and The Stealth Bomber. Albert had a spiritual awakening and learned that he has actually been astral...
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    Robert Bruce discusses the Astral Plane and why it is important

    Robert Bruce talks about how we might get angelic guidance in dreams to help us train our latent psychic powers. He talks about what negative entities really are and how there are types that are relatively easy to dislodge and some that are powerful and near impossible to battle.
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    Dennis McKenna talks DMT vs. Mushrooms in new interview

    Couldn't help but find this interview to be extremely fascinating.
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    "DMT - The Spirit Molecule"

    I've read it. A great book for sure, raises many questions about the DMT molecule we carry around in our own heads. Check out "Supernatural" by Graham Hancock as well.
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    which member of the trichocereus family is most potent?

    Bridgesiiis pretty damn strong but you have to remember that it will often come down to the individual cutting.
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    What Are The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Cannabis?

    The main disadvantage is that it can lower your awareness. Example: Lets say you get stoned every day, suddenly late at night after you got really wasted and passed out, you find out that you need to take your son to the hospital. You are still so foggy from getting baked that you aren't able...
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    How much MDMA is TOO much?

    I have heard/read that MDMA not only reduces chemical amounts in our brains but also damages the transmitters themselves. It's really better avoid MDMA imo.
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    what to do when people you don't like try to get in your head?

    People do this because they feel a lack of control in their own life and feeling control over another person helps fill this gap ever so slightly.