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    Concerned about death.

    I am excited, death excites me, it is the final unknown. It's the ultimate 'change'. I feared death for so long that I had to come to terms with it. I just died in my dream last night and it was fascinating. But, I do not wish to die. When you see a long table of your favorite foods, you do...
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    Concerned about death.

    I'd rather not die while in terror, horror, or extreme pain. But I do not fear death, in fact, I am excited by the idea.
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    Bad trip, Hallucinations and Sex.

    Why are you afraid to post this?
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    DMT extraction using Phalaris Arundinacea

    Higher is fine, 30% is the maximum you can get. The danger is... well, the danger; if you get 30% on your hand - ouch. If you get 30% in your eye - good bye eyeball. Diluting it in water is an ok idea, and using perhaps 1/5 or 1/6th percentage - i.e. take 1 cup of muriatic acid and add it to 4...
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    some psychedelic art

    Heyyy old friends. Been a while 🎵. I'm back to see if anyone would benefit from seeing some of my art I've made since I left the site. I'm trying to buy some new art supplies but as a student, funds are low. If you like anything prints and originals are all available. If not I hope the...
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    Thanks... How was the mead, any good?
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    To keep this on par with psychonaut.com: How to Have the Best DMT Experience: 5 Necessary Steps To Prepare Yourself http://www.highexistence.com/5-steps-preparing-spiritual-dmt-ceremony/ And this:
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    Alcohol is iffy for a psychonaut, and this is definitely going to have an air of advertisement to it, doubly bad for psychonaut.com, but I really am pulling out all the stops and stretching myself as thin as possible to get this project off the ground...
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    Help MAPS' MDMA-Assistred psychotherapy become a reality!

    Healing Trauma in Veterans with MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy | Indiegogo Donate if you can! Watch the video. <3!
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    Silk Road busted

    Yes! Good news now that you can no longer safely and securely purchase mind-altering substances, but must make them yourself, know a chemist, or deal with (usually) very sketchy people. Thank GOD!
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    2ci bad after effects

    1. You need to learn to use a period. That was one giant fucking run-on sentence. 2. Have you ruled out the headache is from anything else? How does your back and neck feel? Sleeping incorrectly on the neck can cause headaches for up to two weeks (happened multiple times to me). What I think...
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    London psychonaut interview

    Your magazine looks like a bunch of BS pop-culture crap. Having said that you should broaden your interviews to skype or other video networking.
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    I have begun a blog

    Hey thanks all... I haven't really blogged a lot lately, I've just lost a lot of mental energy in that regard. Perhaps I'll come back. In the meantime I'm spending most of my time drawing and painting :)
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    The talk bad about alcohol(ethanol, "drinking alcohol") thread. Ethanol is deathanol!

    I agree with your overall premise, but I don't think attacking alcohol is right. Cars are incredibly dangerous, and kill thousands of people every month, but they are tools, essential in this world (wish they weren't!) you can misuse them and cause damage. It doesn't mean we should start yelling...
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    The talk bad about alcohol(ethanol, "drinking alcohol") thread. Ethanol is deathanol!

    Just as much an illusion as serotonin and dopamine are.
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    The talk bad about alcohol(ethanol, "drinking alcohol") thread. Ethanol is deathanol!

    Like I said - its a tool. Use it to a point that fogs the mind and you're doing it wrong. Ethanol has actually been proven to increase creativity, problem solving, and concentration at the 1-3 drink mark (depends on the person).
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    The talk bad about alcohol(ethanol, "drinking alcohol") thread. Ethanol is deathanol!

    The most obvious is to break down social barriers, and to increase the flow of thought in conversation. This is how it has been used since its discovery. All too often, however, alcohol is used for dangerous reasons; 1. For whatever reason, of which I don't understand, people drink when they...
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    The talk bad about alcohol(ethanol, "drinking alcohol") thread. Ethanol is deathanol!

    Its a tool, just like every other mind-altering substance. Some more dangerous than others. You would never use a saw to hammer a nail, would you?
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    Difference between cognitive enhancers and nootropics.

    Also, in my experience, all the hallucinogens are nootropics at low doses - LSD, psilocybin, ayahuasca, etc.