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  1. pf1286

    Is sneezing a sign of food, allergy.

    Sneeze is just a natural body reaction. There is no need to worry about that.
  2. pf1286

    smoking and health

    Smoking is not healthy at all.
  3. pf1286

    spicy food

    I don't like spicy food.
  4. pf1286

    some general health tips

    all you say is very true and meaningful
  5. pf1286

    Is sleeping overrated?

    No sleeping is not overrated. A beauty sleep is one of the most important things to stay healthy.
  6. pf1286

    BEst exercise for your health

    Jogging is definitely one of the best exercises you can do.
  7. pf1286

    eating training

    I love eating good food and therefore I love cooking.
  8. pf1286

    Safety Courses for Better Workplace

    What is very important is to achieve a work-life balance.
  9. pf1286


    I do exercise twice a week. Exercise is very important to stay healthy.
  10. pf1286

    how to delete oneself from the internet

    Oh what a strange idea.
  11. pf1286


    Fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of antioxydants.
  12. pf1286

    the money system is evil

    Hmm everything said above is interesting but in a way lets me stunned.
  13. pf1286

    Julian Assange and Wikileaks

    Julian Assange is great
  14. pf1286

    the "best" diet

    The best diet is the Mediterranean one.
  15. pf1286

    the best way to meditate

    Hello everybody, What do you think is the best way to meditate (ie in which framework)? Also I know there are several kinds of meditation? Which one would you recommend me? Thx a lot
  16. pf1286

    history of magic mushrooms

  17. pf1286

    history of magic mushrooms

    i was wondering all what you wrote is it your own memories or what you read somewhere
  18. pf1286

    history of magic mushrooms

    ok thanks a lot very interesting you seem to know the topic very well
  19. pf1286

    history of magic mushrooms

    i have a question about magic mushrooms i searched on the web but found nothing how did the magic mushrooms appear in smartshops ? i know that the first smartshops in holland appeared in the mid 90s but magic mushrooms sold in holland come from all over the world so i wondered how did they...