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  1. SamRivenbark

    Experiences with nitrous

    This time make it stronger. I guess you will feel a little more intense effect.
  2. SamRivenbark

    High :)

    Hey there welcome to the community. Have a great stay in here.
  3. SamRivenbark

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Lucky Strike by Maroon 5..awesome song..you all should listen to it.
  4. SamRivenbark

    Morning Glory?

    If one wishes to have them..where can they be availed at..you guys have any ideas?
  5. SamRivenbark

    INFECTED MUSHROOM (LIVE) at Governors Island 7/13/2013

    I missed that..i have always wanted to hear Artillery playing live on the stage..this was one of the best songs..i listen it to when i am into my workout sessions.
  6. SamRivenbark

    The talk bad about alcohol(ethanol, "drinking alcohol") thread. Ethanol is deathanol!

    That is quite an information you have out there..i guess that would be certainly helpful and if followed in the same manner..not much of anything would be affected.
  7. SamRivenbark

    My Collection of Mexican cacti... so far

    These look pretty great..you really have a great growth of these plants..nice work.
  8. SamRivenbark

    Can I use sodium bicarbonate?

    Well i am not sure of that.but i guess you should stick to the existing method. it will prove great..trying new things may result in sore results.
  9. SamRivenbark

    How to extract DMT (The Easy & low-cost way)

    That PDF you have posted out here is pretty great and i guess and yes it is pretty easy method for the extraction process.
  10. SamRivenbark

    Smoking salvia with a hookah?

    How does that feels..never had anything like that..what are the effects of it on mind..tell me about it..i'd really like to try it.
  11. SamRivenbark

    A little bit of me

    Hi there first of all welcome to the community..up here you will definitely get the answers to your questions. Just have a great time here and i am hoping to see more of you at this forum.
  12. SamRivenbark

    Hawaiian baby woodrose = Peace?

    Than definitely go for it if it is legal..
  13. SamRivenbark

    question about peyote

    Leave them for a day or so..you might notice some changes in the texture..
  14. SamRivenbark

    Ayahuasca recipe

    I can't find it either..you might look into PM'ng any of the mods..about this thing.
  15. SamRivenbark

    Magic Mushroom Growbox Kit

    Just be careful and try not getting yourself and your girlfriend too much smoked up..and yeah do share the experience as well.
  16. SamRivenbark

    I have begun a blog

    Did you give that blog a look..?
  17. SamRivenbark

    Never Really 'hallucinated' on psych's :(

    Hi there welcome to the forum..i hope you are having a great time out here..i really appreciate that..if we'd have any question..we will definitely reach out for you.
  18. SamRivenbark

    Alternatives for alcohol?

    Is this post for real..i mean it is a great news than..are they being sold on lose..where can we buy them.?
  19. SamRivenbark


    Hi there Julia...welcome to Psychonaut..i hope you are having a great time out here..i wish you a very pleasant stay up here at this community..