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    Self-doubt might be something as "motive" to get better in life. However, I'm not really agree to this. Self-doubt is more like a state where we become hate ourselves (and hate isn't a state of being mindfulness), and of course when we hate ourselves, we hate everything we do and everything we...
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    I follow Universal Energy learning so here's what I learn and do: 1) Meditating period: only about 30 minutes at max. 2) When to meditate: on the contrary to the majority, I learned that only meditate when I'm most free and being in comfortable state. 3) How to start meditate: I pray (based on...
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    Kundalini yoga

    This is what I've learned from my teacher, I'm also not 100% sure about what he said but still it is interesting to share: my teacher said that Kundalini is actually the final and most powerful chakra point in a body, it located near the chest. However, he said by all mean do not try to learn...
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    Do you believe meditation would be good to help lift depression and reduce my anxiety

    I know this kinda late for this message but I felt it is necessary to give out my opinion though it could not be approved by many. Personally for me meditating is good for depression lifting; however, it is absolutely not an easy task. I'm also used to under heavy depression, I tried meditation...
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    Yes I've also heard that Yoga is good for health and mental health. However, what I'm worrying is which particular yoga trainer/master can help us properly. I mean I've seen many people going into a yoga class and it's not really helping as they think. Many yoga classes tend to advertise about...