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  1. BrainEater

    i'm leaving...

    i hate this kind of topics, but since i was with this forum for such a long time i open a thread... it hurts in my heart... yet i really don't want to stay with so much subliminal fascism or stupid shit.... man, i really tried... but i am too disgusted now... i really can't explain that...
  2. BrainEater

    if you ask me, enlightenment does care how you get there...

    hmmm... thanks for killing this topic.... :( peace
  3. BrainEater

    if you ask me, enlightenment does care how you get there...

    that stupid phrase "enlightenment doesn't care how you get there".... i don't think it's good... and i really don't want to accept this sort of silliness... over the last few years i have noticed many people who have that sort of attitude and some of them say that directly and some of them...
  4. BrainEater

    glands and chakras

    hmmm so i guess the conclusion is... sorry, i simply don't know... you will have to think for yourself. :retard: peace
  5. BrainEater

    Bored? Let's play the board game!

    man... sorry, but that's really way too retarded .. it's not funny.... i don't know why i even answered at all .... :| i'm disappointed... peace
  6. BrainEater

    glands and chakras

    the idea of density in context to the concept of thoughts. when one stops thinking, one can really be. of course... well, maybe some people have experienced realities of that shit... so this means just because it's like that doesn't mean that it's good... most often it's better when one thinks...
  7. BrainEater

    glands and chakras

    it seems to me that sometimes a middle way is the best thing one can do, but then again maybe sometimes a middle way is the worst thing one can do??? i would say this should be obvious in most situations. when it's not obvious maybe take a double middle way or a half middle way??? not really...
  8. BrainEater

    glands and chakras

    another idea that just came to my mind... some people seem to think they can handle the higher elements, when they can't even properly handle the lower elements. i would say it's normal that there are stupid people like that... but some of them are not only stupid, but really evil. so please...
  9. BrainEater

    how do you all feel post anti-climax '2012'?

    according to a good hip hop song i heard: "...2012 was 5 years ago, you based your calendar on a roman bible..." i would say it's something to possibly not take into account exclusively so to say, because the brain aspect says how or what or who or why etc etc??? i don't really know. peace
  10. BrainEater

    the notion of common sense with diseases

    or maybe what about the idea of waking up from diseases??? this would imply that diseases can be like dreams... what you guys think?? is it too uncomfortable to talk about shit like that??? or what??? peace
  11. BrainEater

    glands and chakras

    it's interesting to note that the concept of chakras combines the natural elements (earth, water, fire, air) with other elements (sound, light, thought). maybe it could be a basic idea that for example electricity (or maybe not-electricity whatever that is? no, that doesn't really make...
  12. BrainEater

    glands and chakras

    i can tell something from my own life experience... i think it's a bit sad, but anyway... well, the thing was i simply was thinking too much in a bad way or so... for example sometimes i thought i had a decision between yawning, burping and hiccup.. yeah i know it's a bit strange... and i...
  13. BrainEater

    maybe sometimes in some sense children need to educate their parents???

    well, unfortunately i don't know how to explain that really well... but yeah i would say it's known that children have their own wisdom in some sense... i guess it's a bit of a rant here, but yeah maybe the parents not always have had an easy life, too, so it's most certainly also not good to be...
  14. BrainEater

    Cannabis is good for the brain

    well it seems to me you haven't thought about it really deeply or so yet, because what you say is a contradiction... anyway... what i could agree with you on, is that it's probably better to smoke cannabis with a already fully developed brain. so... if you ask me, one possible meaningful...
  15. BrainEater

    healing meditation videos

    hey everyone!! anyone else has made experiences with healing meditation videos?? i think there are some that are really good... but yeah, everyone's brain is not the same... in the following one i simply put some relaxing music in the background and then it was somehow interesting.. because i...
  16. BrainEater

    Cannabis is good for the brain

    in my own experience cannabis was always good when it was used right and not abused. when i respected set and setting and didn't smoke only because of habit or so... i can definately say my brain felt better then and/or i could feel my brain better... i mean like... who knows really and has a...
  17. BrainEater

    Introduction thread

    greetings! welcome to the forum!! funny that you say you say you decided like that. in a way i would say it could speak for your wisdom... actually basically i think only people with a certain life experience or so should take psychedelics. so logically it doesn't mean automatically because...
  18. BrainEater

    glands and chakras

    @claudemarine: hey thanks for the positive reply... means a lot to me!! :) @bara suen ka: haha yeah... i also can't really say i understand chakras, but i would say it can be fun to try to understand with an open mind and good heart or so... interesting that you say that you saw chakras while...
  19. BrainEater

    the future of energy recycling

    now one possible question could be whether it boils down to this: basically human beings and other oxygen breathing beings breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide while trees or other plants basically breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen.. but as far as i understand, trees...
  20. BrainEater

    I Doser

    i haven't tried i doser, yet i've tried some videos of that sort on youtube. i didn't like all of them, but some were really cool. i like the psychedelic fractal animations in spite of the fact that the sounds and the music don't always seem to be very fitting. but there is actually quite a bit...