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  1. SWIMchem5

    Geranamine (dMAA)

    I tried DMAA in the past with a small red scooper. It gave me energy to workout and was more extreme than coffee, like an adrenaline rush, but it's not something that gets you high. I wanted to exercise like crazy.
  2. SWIMchem5

    Alcohol - Spirit or Worst Trip Ever?

    Alcohol helps you warm up during the winter and also socialize. But it's bad in large amounts. 2-methyl-2-butanol is better than ethanol because there's no hangover and you can still socialize. Kratom is way better and it's both stimulating and relaxing. Then there's Modafinil, which makes you...
  3. SWIMchem5

    Alternatives for alcohol?

    Try Kratom!
  4. SWIMchem5

    The infinity dragon. (raising the happiness roof to allow superhappiness and more)

    App prototype. TheInfinityDragonSuperhappiness App Android, iPhone, Windows Phone
  5. SWIMchem5


    The best combo would be an MAO-I and a low dose of either methiopropamine, or fluoromodafinil. Though fluoromodafinil isn't a stimulant. It's a wakefulness enhancer. Methiopropamine's a stimulant. With MAO-I's like rasagiline and moclobemide, the dose of stimulants must be kept lower. Also...
  6. SWIMchem5

    China bans 116+ research chemicals.

    It doesn't make sense. Most of these shouldn't be on the list. Only 2-DPMP is super extremely dangerous(2-DPMP lasts from 72 hours to over 190 hours with doses as low as 1mg. Half life as long as plutonium.). The rest of them can be used responsibly. It doesn't make sense that the rest of...
  7. SWIMchem5

    The infinity dragon. (raising the happiness roof to allow superhappiness and more)

    Hello. This is an idea. What if there were ways to boost cognition and even provide a boost to overall well being(assuming you're not struggling economically). This idea is like better living through chemistry. Providing new perspectives and even better brain function. This doesn't mean that...
  8. SWIMchem5

    The talk bad about alcohol(ethanol, "drinking alcohol") thread. Ethanol is deathanol!

    . Propranolol will make addicts forget they want a drink | Daily Mail Online Get drunk without a hangover on synthetic booze - Telegraph
  9. SWIMchem5

    What is the Matrix? reborn thread

    The matrix is actually fear. Fear itself must be phased out of the human mind. We must identify, pinpoint, and surgically remove fear out of the mind. Love leads to Joy. Peace, love, bravery, and happiness. However, fear block love. Fear kills activism. Fear blocks hope. Fear kills dreams...
  10. SWIMchem5

    The place where most drugs are legal!

    So cool! The future? There's also The Fearless Imperative! The phasing out and surgical removal of fear from the human mind. Then fear will be dramatically reduced or even eliminated. Fear is one of the greatest causes of suffering. Without fear, anything is possible.
  11. SWIMchem5

    The place where most drugs are legal!

    But it's legal to buy it in Joytopia. Possession is also legal as long as you're in Joytopia. There's tangible shops and water. The main thing is that those who sell the psychoactive substances have to get a license first. And they have chemists over there. Labware and chemical solvents and...
  12. SWIMchem5


    Let's rate the effective productive energy of stimulants. Also, caffeine is technically a fatigue perception reducer. Hydrafinil(fluorenol) is a powerful wakefulness enhancer(eugeroic), but works best in combination with stimulants and nootropics. 💊 Caffeine: ⚡ to...
  13. SWIMchem5

    The place where most drugs are legal!

    Build a society here. Move to the new micronation. It's a place where most drugs are legal. Joytopia. http://kingdomofjoytopia.freeforums.net/ It's located in Bir Tawil. List of legal substances: peyote (mescaline), 2C-x series, MDxx, MDA, MDMA, Khat, prolintane, O-2172, thiopropamine...
  14. SWIMchem5

    The Benzo (benzodiazepine) molecule thread.

    This is a place to add molecules of benzo. Benzodiazepine molecules go here.
  15. SWIMchem5

    This insane world...

    The world is becoming a world where the 1% is hogging more and more wealth and power at all costs. The top 80 richest people now owns as much as the bottom 50%. They make more laws barring science and banning everything from less harmful substances to nootropics to skating and tear down nature...
  16. SWIMchem5

    Prolintane 40mg (a trip in progress)

    Today is January 6th, 2015. I'm in my 20's and I'm about 140lbs. 11:30a.m.: I weighed 40mg of prolintane and mixed the prolintane with water. I also had a small sip of coffee. I wore deororant(prolintane increases armpit sweat, so you HAVE to wear deodorant). 12:00p.m.: I began noticing that...
  17. SWIMchem5

    Prolintane 45mg (a dose too far?)

    It was on new year's day. Thursday, January 1st, 2015. I had mixed prolintane with some water. I drank it. Then for hours, I got stuck on interesting thought loops and also was gathering up my books to get them from the other room's roof closet into my room. I was all hyper, and sometimes edgy...
  18. SWIMchem5


    This one is from December first. http://www.psychonaut.com/synthetic-psychedelics/54972-prolintane-40mg-new-prolintane-between-caffeine-ritalin-hyper-hell.html#post868852 This is near the end of december. I would like to try 40mg or higer, but I would look like an excited overactive nutbar with...
  19. SWIMchem5

    Prolintane 40mg(New to prolintane) Between caffeine and ritalin and Hyper as HELL!!!

    This was on December 1st, 2014. I had the trip report saved up and I'm posting it here. I would like to try 40mg again sometime, but my parents would think I'm acting like a hyperactive nutbar. I wish I could get my own place, or maybe be in college, so I could try 40mg or higher of prolintane...