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    Who is still around?? I havnt been on for years!

    i poked my head around the other day. theres definitely still some spam that needs taken care of. i gave up a while back when it was pretty much just me and a french mod
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    This insane world...

    i understand and agree with you, and its not your english, your english is great. but the thing about english is that it can easily be misunderstood unless one is very specific. this happens all the time with people whos only language is english... :rolleyes: "I never wrote one must only focus...
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    This insane world...

    finarfin, i believe zezt is simply saying to be careful with your verbage. if not, then thats what i would say. dont focus only on positive, as this is ignorance, and will do little to better a situation. all variables must be considered for what they are, which i believe should be done from an...
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    some problems of grow and grow box

    when the mushrooms open their caps, they are ready to remove. you can either cut them or gently twist and pull them. only pull the caps that have opened, and be sure not to damage the unopened caps.
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    Need help for mushrooms identification

    yes these are psychoactive truffles, they are not mushrooms. these grow underground, and since they do, are not illegal. they are less potent than mushrooms, but can still be quite potent. i cannot tell you what kind they are, but if you ask the vendor they were purchased from, they should be...
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    Need help for mushrooms identification

    there are no such things as mushroom strains. someone might be able to tell you if it is a psilocybe cubensis or not, but will not be able to tell you if it is a liberty cap or a mexican or w/e because there is no real difference. it is only a marketing ploy. majority of mushroom appearance is...
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    article: FDA BULLSHIT

    walnuts are drugs, says FDA they appear to be retards, but are really just being very sneaky... this is an underhanded move. let me explain: marijuana the plant cannot be patented, because it is a product of nature, meaning it cannot be sold as a drug(sold by the pharma industry). corn cannot...
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    also, you should have dunked and rolled, because that vermiculite that you roll the cake in is the main source of moisture for the cake. don't ruin a grow due to impatience, because to grow that's really the only thing you have to do! :P
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    ^jeff doesn't know what he's talking about, as there is not enough info here to determine what he has said. odds are your cake is still dehydrated, because right when it comes out of the jar it will be a little dehydrated. the real question is how much are you misting now? 2x a day is ideal. and...
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    Guided Meditation sound/video sources (LF)

    someone else will only have a very limited explanation of YOUR mind. one is always their own guide, i find it best to explore ones own mind, with their own mind!
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    Why do I only have partial control over lucid dreams?

    lucid dreaming isn't about having special abilities or being able to fabricate things from nothing. lucid dreaming as about having, then maintaining that one is in fact asleep. it's a dual awareness that one is sleeping, yet still engaged in the dream consciousness as well. it's like feeling two...
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    how do you all feel post anti-climax '2012'?

    i feel fine, considering NOBODY PREDICTED A MASS EVENT TO OCCUR ON THAT DATE, EVER. it was simply the end/beginning of a massive cycle, a cycle that is over 5000 years long. when you look at the predictions, they were exactly right, and it's been a long time coming, since the cycle is over 5000...
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    the future of energy recycling

    yes, this does tend to be the trend of most things.
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    wyndowlicker lives!

    ^ i thought you both were gone for good
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    +Nutrition = +Trip?

    make sure you POOP before you trip too haha! you'll feel so much lighter and refreshed. it goes a long way in terms of mindstate going into it. i like to poop first thing in the morning to start my day off right
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    2012 do u believe the mayans???

    the mayans learned what they knew about the planets, galaxy, black holes, etc via a combination of observing the sky and applied math and geometry. that's all one really needs...
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    Favorite Mushrooms

    i've been reading these for some time cult, i just wanted to really get into it before i said anything. still reading though, i may have some more comments in a bit. this stuff looks great, thanks a bunch! looks like someone may have to spread the love in their local community soon!
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    Perfect recipe for Pot Brownies?

    check out fuckcombustion.com , this is their specialty...
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    Perfect recipe for Pot Brownies?

    check out fuckcombustion.org , this is their specialty...
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    Wohoo... Come out 2012 people... 8 days till doomsday....

    merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream "alienz" operate in higher dimensional frequencies. they very well could have visited in this sense. penetrating our language. thing is, this shift of the ages has been noticeably happening already for the past 16 years. look at all of the...