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  1. FannieBouchard

    Hawaiian baby woodrose = Peace?

    needed intense care and and supportive surroundings to grow with, you must be prepared to deliver the same .. go good !
  2. FannieBouchard

    USA bans 26 drugs, including 2C* family, mephedrone, MDPV and synthetic cannabinoids

    as a fair amount of time has been spent from the post dates from the past and, now the time, what the final decision has been made, if has been made then..
  3. FannieBouchard

    Why do chemicals effect my friend for so long?

    what you have quoted regarding the effect of chemicals may vary as per the bodies seems quite right but a proper care and treatment may change the scene
  4. FannieBouchard

    Did you see the white rabbit? 24H day, 24H chrono, le jour le plus long? Vos propos

    it would not have been good if you have posted it in English as by the way there will more responses could have turned out with the support of universally most read and understandable language
  5. FannieBouchard

    Psychedelic drugs, magical thinking and psychosis.

    good piece of content specially about the author and and by the read now i am with the mind to go good with it
  6. FannieBouchard

    Psychonaut or Druggie?

    the are so many excuses and bullish kind of reasons the drug takers make that it seems simply a stupidity to suggest them any further
  7. FannieBouchard


    if this is that much of benefit then i am all set to give it a try and it is of all the worth to do so, by the way ... let's done with it
  8. FannieBouchard

    Morning Glory?

    i am sure that if i have to go for taste, it is not for me but, a for the sake of its health effects, i am going to get it prepared as per the recipe has been quoted in one of the post here
  9. FannieBouchard

    yoga pose database

    it really looks good that people are getting knowledgeable towards sound health and fitness .. and for the most yoga is delivering the best possible ways to have good in that
  10. FannieBouchard

    Romania Legalizes Medical Marijuana, Becomes 10th EU Country To Permit Theraputic Use

    i have getting up to the news through the forum and finding it a right step taken forward for a cause of curing the diseases .. i am in support
  11. FannieBouchard

    Psychonaut or Druggie?

    i too have experienced the drug majority articles suggesting the type and use of it .. and yes there is also a strong point has been mentioned that its availability is a big issue
  12. FannieBouchard

    Silk Road busted

    good news and with the arrest the myth has been busted that such criminals remain untouched by the investigation authority
  13. FannieBouchard

    the best way to meditate

    i don't know what kind of genre and persona you posses .. however a Yoga meditation posture named Kapaal Bhanti will be perfect for you .. for this you have to sit by bending and crossing your both legs over a mat and be straight by back .. now close your eyes and ears with palm fingers and...
  14. FannieBouchard

    How do I make mushroom sauce?

    you need to chop of the mushroom pieces in the grinder and then mix it with the spices and leave it for an hour. that would give of a better taste to it ultimately
  15. FannieBouchard

    What LSD is this?

    yeah !! you are right so be careful ...
  16. FannieBouchard

    New here...would like to share experiences.

    surely we will...
  17. FannieBouchard

    How do you smoke your cannabis?

    by the same way i do too..
  18. FannieBouchard

    complecate catus

    the cactus is a plant family member and the word cactus has been derived from the ancient Greek kaktos which means a spiny plant unknown with its identity.. cactus are native to America from south of Patagonia to Canada in north...except Rhipsalis Baccifera which also grown in Africa and Sri...
  19. FannieBouchard

    curious cannabis

    hello... the drug wit its other name marijuana is being spruced in great extent in central and south Asia inducing fast growing nations like America Indian and China... the illicit is causing i great disturbance to the young people of these locations and as an estimate there are 4% of world...
  20. FannieBouchard

    magical mushroom

    hello there... mushroom is a natural gift for human race as what numerous health benefit the fruit cum veggie provide to your body ecosystem in form of increased level of Vitamin D to fight against direct sunlight, productive immune system, increased bladder, and good amount of iron to proper...