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i recently did a lsa extraction and im not quite sure if it worked ad sorta scared to try it, what i did was crush the morning glory(MG) seeds up and soaked them in Acetone( it was the only non-polar solvent i had), im pretty sure that was the non-polar one and i used water as the polar solvent. (i might have got the polar and non-polar mixed up). Anways after i took them out of the acetone i let them dry a full day, they were under my peyote light and on the heating blanket. they were as dry as dry could get in the morning. So i soaked them in water for 2 days, and the stuff that i came out with is a sorta cloudy yellow/orange. The only thing is it sorta smells like acetone. i heard it has a funny smell but im not to sure if it is a acetone smell or just the funky smell that it is suppose to have. IS there any way to tell if it is LSA other than trying it.


i've read that you shouldn't use acetone as a solvent, since it can react with your own body. but i'm no chemist and i can only tell, because i never did a LSA extraction. i find no need for doing it, since if you scrape all the brown hull in the HWBS, you get a good trip almost with no muscle pain. i never tried to scrape 600 MG seeds, so i wouldn't know about this. this method is my favourite when it comes to lsa, and i've had some pretty good results with it.
I am in the middle of my water phase of a method very similar to how you described. When I did my acetone step, I filtered out my seed mush, and dried it out in under 10 minutes, with no lamp. I set it in a pie pan, and stirred it around with a fork until it was dry. It didn't smell like acetone at all. It evaporated completely clean. You have to use 100% pure acetone, if it doesn't say 100% it most likely has some additives (especially with paint thinner/remover types). I used the stuff in the cosmetics section of walmart.

Though... my water solution is dark brownish/yellow not really... yellow at all... so maybe that advice was all wrong to being with... personally... I think that if it smells like acetone... you probably shouldn't ingest it, but I'm no scientist. If you DO ingest it, let me know how it went!
I've tried Morning glory seeds a few times recently,and I'd like to share my experiences.
(1)At first,I ate 150 Morning glory seeds together with some food.The effects kicked in after 30-40 min-I was smiling uncontrollably.Then the nausea began and I went to bed.Woke up some hours later;room was stretching,normally rectangular objects tended to look parallelepiped-shaped.The vision was distorted, and kind of blurred,like there was a mist.
The next day was quite weird;the reality looked somehow different,(as well as the stomach-it hurted as if had been doing press-ups all night long.
(2)I tried MG seeds the week later;we took a trip to the sea with my girllfriend.Now we had avoided any food for 4 hours before ingesting the seeds(10 gr each),and before we ate it we had managed to eat some raw ginger root(tastes like wasabi)It helped-after 20 minutes the nausea disappeared completely.Some leg cramps appeared,but they were funny enough to tolerate).Now the effects started after about an hour-again,I was smiling for no reason,then some vision distortions began-the fir needles merged together,and objects looked 2-dimensional(same under DXM).This reminded me of my first absinth *trip*.Wel,not a trip actually,but the trees looked like i was playing a video game with the low screen resolution.I call it "the pixels attack".The whole trip lasted for 8 hours or so,followed by a very nice,positive comedown,with a lot of beautiful CEV.My girlfriend experienced the same effects,but it all started later for her-after 3 hours ater the ingesting or so.
(3)The third attempt with MG was by far the strongest psychedelic experience for me.Now I ate 20gr of MG together with 2 friends;they used the same dosage.Again,I had not eaten 3 or 4 hours beforehand,and ate ginger.However,now the nausea WAS strong.It started even before i finished them-argh,the taste!I felt really unpleasant and decided to have a walk to the sea.Accompanied by a friedn of mine who was also suffering from the nausea we made it to the sea.2 hours passed after the ingestion;the seeds started to work.Again,these pixels.My nose felt extremely *stuck*,so did the ears.Breathing was somehow short,and I could hardly talk-I oloked like i drank 0.7l of fodka or something like that.My friend was experiencing same thing.However,he suffered from nausea a lot,while I was ok from that point.It was freaky cold(around the zero C),so we decided to made a fire.While we were picking up the small branches from the ground, the seeds showed their true power.Everything looked weird and bizarre,especally us.We laughed like never before.A long story short,we succeded in making the fire, and our frinss joined us.It was now 6 or 7 hours after we the the seeds.That's where I felt the peak.The trees in darkness were bending unconctrollably!Asf they were liquid-like or so,not mentioning the Stars-they were simply ALIVE.SO beautifl.While we were going back from the sea,I was afraid to fall into the giant "holes" I "saw" underneath me.The road was swirling and changing the form,resembling the one Savladore Dali had depictured in his masterpieces.
Finally we made our way back home.I felt quite sober and very positive.Other people who ate the seeds felt different;one of them had some visuals,however not as strong as mines;the other one felt nothing besides the nausea.Strange.All in all,it was like 10 hours after eating the seeds and I felt very sober,thinking it was over.Fucking no.Whenl I looked at the carpet it started to change shape,wave and float away.So did the walls.Lamps looked like giant medusas and were pulsating.The next morning was very positive and fun,so was the glory).
To sum up-these seeds are really powerful,and personally I can stand the nausea,as the effects are are mindblowing.Again,it really depends; like i mentioned,the person who ate the same amount (20g_r only felt nauseaus,no effects at all.I keep wondering why..
So I ground up 250 HBWR (iamshaman) seeds to a coarse powder, soaked in acetone for about twenty minutes, filtered and dried seed mush. Place seed mush in distilled water for a few hours. First note, my water solution was a dark dark orange/brown. Problems?? I filtered that out, and evaporated the water completely (the room wasn't completely dark, but it was never in direct sunlight). The residue left was soft yet crusty and brown, after I scraped it out it looked like little crystals or tiny chips. I cut about 12 seeds worth for myself to test. I figured ineffeciencies and waste would mean that a 12 seed test would at very least cause a little buzz.

Nothing 1.5 hours later.

So I swallowed another amount similar in size, maybe a little more. So now I have consumed approximately 1/10 of my residue.


What did I do wrong? iamshaman claims that their ghana strain (cheap 250 seeds for $9) contains LSA, but I have yet to feel anything. I've bought seeds from 720 on ebay, and consumed them via coldwater and they worked, but I didn't test these seeds coldwater. Was my extraction process wrong? My salvia from iamshaman was great quality, has anyone ever bought HBWR from them? These ghana strain seeds are a slightly lighter color than my 720 seeds and the dark seed coat you have to scrape off had already been cleanly removed.

On a similar note... my residues don't seem to be readily soluble in water... weird since just a day ago they were dissolved in water.
your acetone wash took all the actives out..
the acetone was yellow correct????

you just drank a bunch of crap ..heh

had you have used a blacklight you would of saw where the actives went...

a quick cold acetone wash will produce a pretty pure extract..
wash that with 200proof or close to enthanol or 99% IPA.. 2-3 times..
and freeze and you will see crystals
yeah man LSA is pretty intense just last night i took 6 woodrose seeds and i was fuckign out of it man i hate the nausea in fact if it werent for the nausea id be a lot happier with morning glory and woodrose but i dotn think ill do them much more maybe mornign glory cause i didnt feel too sick with them but woodrose man i puked at least 15 times and then smoked some oil hahahaha probably not the best move but needless to say it was definately an experience im glad i got a chance to do them but i probably wont do them again
yeh, just last night i injested 10.5 grms. and i think i have found the way the BEST WAY to take LSA from seed................and it goes- powdered the seeds{MG} in a grinder {coffe grinder} then placed the powder in about 1 cup of applesauce before hand i had taken 1 dramamine pill {for nausea} ate it and went sailing {not litterally} but i would advise this method to everyone!

little to no nausea!!!!!
taste good!!!!
LSD courtesy of Exodus & Mr. Nakari:

I think, of all the drugs on the black market today, LSD is the strangest. It is
the most recent major drug to come to life in the psychedelic subculture. (Blah
blah blah... let's get to the good stuff: How to make it in your kitchen!!)

1.Grind up 150 grams of Morning Glory seeds or baby Hawaiian wood rose seeds.
2.In 130 cc. of petroleum ether, soak the seeds for two days.
3.Filter the solution through a tight screen.
4.Throw away the liquid, and allow the seed mush to dry.
5.For two days allow the mush to soak in 110 cc. of wood alcohol.
6.Filter the solution again, saving the liquid and labeling it "1."
7.Resoak the mush in 110 cc. of wood alcohol for two days.
8.Filter and throw away the mush.
9.Add the liquid from the second soak to the solution labeled "1."
10.Pour the liquid into a cookie tray and allow it to evaporate.
11.When all of the liquid has evaporated, a yellow gum remains. This should be
scraped up and put into capsules.

30 grams of Morning Glory seeds = 1 trip
15 Hawaiian wood rose seeds = 1 trip

Many companies, such as Northop-King have been coating their seeds with a toxic
chemical, which is poison. Order seeds from a wholesaler, as it is much safer
and cheaper. Hawaiian wood rose seeds can be ordered directly from:

Chong's Nursery and Flowers
P.O. Box 2154
Honolulu, Hawaii


The basic dosages of acid vary according to what kind of acid is available and
what medium of ingestion is used. Chemically, the potency of LSD-25 is measured
in micrograms, or mics. If you're chemically minded or making your own acid,
then computing the number of micrograms is very important. Usually between 500
and 800 mics is plenty for an 8 hour trip, depending on the quality of the acid,
of course. I have heard of people taking as much as 1,500-2,000 mics. This is
not only extremely dangerous, it is extremely wasteful.

LSD comes packaged in many different forms. The most common are listed below:

The brown spot, or a piece of paper with a dried drop of LSD on it, is always
Usually one spot equals one trip.
Capsuled acid is very tricky, as the cap can be almost any color, size, or
potency. Always ask what the acid is cut with, as a lot of acid is cut with
either speed or strychnine. Also note dosage. Small white or colored tablets
have been known to contain acid, but, as with capsuled acid, it's impossible to
tell potency, without asking.

This is old but good way of extraction of LSA. Try it and you will sure not regret it. Smile
In this recipe one thing is wrong- HBW, I believe that much little is needed for trip. You need to decide.
nice recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amazing! Is it hard to make that at home with little chemical means? I have 100 g morning glory and to have some LSD would be cool! Anyway I'd like to try both, Morning Glory and LSD =)
Except you won't get LSD from Morning Glory or HBW, you'll get LSA, and LSA is not nearly as nice and strong as LSD.

I once made an extraction from 400 (or was it 500?) Morning Glory seeds. The full extraction process with benzene and then alcohol/water - this process is supposed to remove all the nasty stuff that makes you sick from the seeds.

The effect was a nice but rather weak trip, but I felt very uncomfortable. All my muscles were tense, it didn't feel good and it ruined the whole trip. From the trip point of view I would have liked a double or triple dose, but my body felt so bad I wouldn't do it again.
Maybe a clean 100% chemical extraction of LSA would get rid of the problems, then it could be a nice trip. My extraction was as good as it could get without a chemist and a lab.

The only thing I like Morning Glory seeds for is going to sleep. I take 20 to 30 seeds and an hour later I sleep like a baby. No trip, though...
No man, LSA have something like ergot-amine poisoning effect. This is why is HBW and MG abandoned after 2-5 experimental trying. Hard core body side-effects :roll: :wink:
I guess your body should have some resistance, as i hear from some people feeling really uncomfortable and others having no problems. Or make it like Alkolodian ingest it with other ingredients to reduce the bodily effects of the ergot-amine poisning effects. 8)

It might be from the different sorts of LSA though, too. As there are Morning glory, Baby Woodrose and for sure more. Anyway I'd really like to try out those seeds. I once took baby Woodrose and it was way nice and Morning Glory Heavenly Blue seems to be even better from what i heard.
The only bad thing seems to be bodily discomfort and nausea, which sucks.

Anyone knows how for how long you can keep the seeds in for example a plastic bag closed up until they become bad or rotten?

Goran: Is the method you stated for creating LSD out of Morning Glory seeds?
And how come you know how to do it? Well i guess you have a big knowledge about drugs, but anyway i'd like to know more Smile
Yes I have knowledge collected from books, Internet my and others XP. And extraction of LSA is what I have posted. From this you can make to try produce Acid but man this is hard. You will need 1000€ lab and experience. You can get nasty or even deadly poisoning from pure lysergic acid. One drop on your hand and nervous system will break down. Acid id for chemist, not amateurs. Maybe you will sometime have knowledge how to make it. If you want I can send it to yours personal mail. It is long procedure. And if you want to know anything just ask cause in 95% I will give you positive answer
Ohh shit!!! sounds tricky... Well, i guess i'm an amateur Smile but with proper instruction and information i think i could do it. But the need of a lab and expensive stuff....ufff... Smile unfortunately i don't have any of that.

Alright there's my question: what's your opinion on taking Morning Glory seeds? What's the best way to take them? Or is it in your view better to take shrooms, because shrooms are easily available and aren't supposed to have those poisoning effects, which can cause body discomfort and nausea? Well I guess both have their advantages and disadvantages, but with your experience what would you reccommend???

I guess i'd just have to try it out!? :lol:
It is little tricky. I do not know how old are you. This is big difference cause I was also user of everything in period from my 12.5 to 19 year oldness. Now I have 23. But as you I have try morning glory 7-8 times with couple of ways. Whole seeds, grinded, cooking tea, extraction, steam boiled seeds. And all this doesn't give me what I have mean to XP. But if you have never tried shrooms, cacti, salvia, ACID, DMT, etc., my advice is for you to try LSA seeds first. Nausea is not so hard as it seems from what we all have sad. Try it maybe you will like it, but if you XP nice felling DO NOT use it next day cause you will than especially feel dysphoric without psydelic effect and only agitation, restlessness, bad trip.
Than my advice is for you to try DXM and shrooms. Acid is maybe to hard for you now. And yes E is nice psydelic with stimulative effects. Peace.
Well i tried mushrooms already like 5 times or something and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose and XTC and salvia of course. I didn't have bad trip until now only kind of the edge experience and bodily discomfort with HBW. I'm 21 so i didn't begin that early with psychadelics like you Happywide Well everything's that not weed at least to say. Smile

I'd love to try LSD soon. Would be so amazing! I can handle myself i'm not scared at all of it. Now I just seem to have a little psychadelic crisis i think that i need to get rid of but i already nearly lost that. Apart of that i can solve psychadelic problems in myself when on drugs, though i don't rely on that, but i already did that.
I have in front of me book 'Svijet Halucinogenih Droga' or 'World of Hallucinogenic Drugs' by Ljubiša Grli?. This author is Croatian biggest psydelic and other drugs expert. Like McKenzie. He was one of the biggest faces in UN section for drugs and counselor on New York University, founder of methods how to discover opium and cannabis and theirs identification.

He discovered that Rivea corymbosa, Ipomea violancea, Argyreia nervosa and some spicies of Convolvulus, Stictocardia contain alkaloid Ergine witch is responsible for psydelic effect and this alkaloid is derivative of tryptamine alkaloid- amide of lysergic acid with close similarity with semisynthetic most powerful psydelic drug LSD.

Rivea corymbosa have 0,012% of alkaloids
Ipomea violancea have 0,06% of alkaloids

Dose of Ipomea is something from 50-100 seeds and pregnant women should not experimented with this drug cause it is uterine constrictor and this can start an abortion.

Remember that this seeds contain also ergometrine and ergotamin witch are poisons in large quantities.

One thing for you bout Acid: this is long and for someone hard labor or you can describe it like that. Prepare yourself for minimum 15-16 hours voyage without shrooms euphoric effects. Acid is for me an empty shell made from shrooms, but this is only my thoughts. Peace and have an nice trip 8) Smile
Hello again) been a long time since I was here... Well, I've got some interesting news.
A week ago I ate 13 grs of Morning Glory and....tripped even harder than from 2 hits of acid! Great visuals, patterns, thoughts,,wow. My friends experienced the same.
I had grinded the seeds in a coffee mill and put them in the capsules along with Jurubeba (both capsules and jurubeba can be found at azarius),and this considerably reduced the nausea.
However, some new side effects appeared.(((Muscle cramps and a headache were a great minus. I attribute them to toxins found in the seeds' shell. The trip itself was awesome anyways, equalling 3 hits of acid I'd say.
One important detail- I had not seen these LSD-like "fractal patterns" while on morning glory( I hope you know what I'm talking bout-everything you look at seems to be covered with patterns Wink ), before i tried LSD. Now they tend to appear both after LSA and Yopo. Remarkable, huh?
All in all, LSA is worth extracting, I suppose. But something tells be than muscle cramps MAY be somehow connected with LSA itself, not with ergotoxins...Thus, you won't get rid of the cramps by extracting pure LSA. Or am I wrong?Any info on this subject would be highly appreciated :roll:


Originally posted by papadedrogas:
Anyone ever tried this? You could obtain a carbon filter from either a fish tank filter or a britta filter. This link ( ... D5939.html)sorta talks about all the harsh chemicals it can yank out, but I can't find anything anywhere about LSAs. I know that some people use them in Mescaline extractions.

I have an LSA-alcohol solution, it has a layer of black seed chunks at the bottom, a layer of white seed fiber above that, a layer of discoloured golden-brown alcohol above that and a very small layer of dark yellow oil on top of that. Has anyone ever used active carbon to filter an LSA extraction? I'm about to I'll let you know how it goes.
There is no need to use activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal is used to get junk out of something you want to use.
Now, you want to get something you can use out of junk...

It's only a matter of decanting, (buchner-)filtrating for the chunks. (or a coffee filter, may take some more time Tounge )
Use a separation funnel to get rid of the oil layer.

If you don't have one, you can use a ziplock bag for this, it's somewhere around on the net i think...

Then let the alcohol evaporate (not all of it, just to make it more pure.)

If you want powder you need HCl or other acid to make salts.
Check the net...

Good luck :wink:
I've got something like 10 oz of ipomeas seeds and well, i'm planning to extract lsa from it soon.

But how can i conserve it ?
I know lsa is chemically very cose to lsd. I also know that lsd is quite sensitive to light and oxygen.

And can i put it in the freezer ? thanks
Why conserve it ? Why not just make it when you want to try it ? That would give you time to concentrate on the experience and to glide into it .
because of a money matter : if i extract the whole 16 oz i have, it will cost me less in terms of solvent.
Plus the extraction takes 1 week to be done.

Let me imagine the scene :
One of my friend is at home:
"what's that funny yellow stuff in your fridge ?"
"Oh that's just acid"...
Thats alot of seeds, I doubt you'll ever get through that many - my advice is: plant a fair number of them in spring (assuming you've got access to soil / a garden), and either extract a few doses at a time or at the very least, keep a reserve stash of seeds - store extracts somewhere cool and dry out of the light (sealed container in fridge). I've not stored in a freezer before, but thats not to say it doesn't work.

I can understand the bother of extracting everytime, but it saves the storage problem.

Have you tried LSA's before? or will this be a first time?
I think i can say i've done LSA around 40 times. However it will be my fisrt attempt to extract LSA.
I do have 16 oz of seeds, but I've forget to add some friends are involved too.

Pariah, you seems to have experienced the fridge storage method. How long can you conserve lsa ? Do effects lower with time ?
If you didnt extract the seeds did you eat them ? If you do an extraction your going to get a mixed extraction so why not just use water in the first place ?
Wow, it seems you really are a fan of LSAs Tongue

I suggest the fridge, because in the past I would store at room temperature, and I did notice over time (a couple of months between each trip), that the experience was more of a bodily feeling, than the visuals and distortions I got from the fresh stuff. This may just be me subjectively affecting the result, but it may make sense if one of the amides is losing activity (the "more psychedelic" ones), while others aren't.

Freezing has a downside of the process of freeze/thaw on "delicate" compounds.
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