Version complète : Peyotes and San Pedros have stopped growing
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my 5 Peyotes and 10 San Pedros are about 4 weeks old now. In the beginning I have been giving them much water and they startet growing fast.
Now I am giving them less water and they are about 1 or 1.5 cm tall and did not grow any more for about 2 weeks!
Is that normal?
How long does it take until they are about 10 cm tall?

I asume you grow them from seeds, they are still baby's.

It is quit normal for baby's to develop quit fast in teh beginning and slow down a little. Imagine that the keep on growing like they did! Then cacti would not be so slow in there development.

Also temperture will do something with the growth. Just don't water to much but never let them dry out.
how many cacti do I need to buy to have a strong trip ? there's a much of a diference from the 1-2cm and the 3-4 cm cacti ?

I am new to the forum and cannot create threads. I registered to ask a question:

I have a peyote which got dropped from the pot it is in and removed from its earth; I put the Peyote back into the pot and to the earth.

Are there any precautions I should take as to how to make sure it doesnt pass away? Is it bad if it gets rained on? How do I take care of my Peyote?

The Lightning and the Sun