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Swim will need

Cacti San Pedro
Semi big container with seal lid
Large stainless steel pot or crock pot
Old t shirt

First thank creator for the chance to meet saint peter

Start With around 12 inc cacti

Next de spine cacti then cut at the vallys of the cacti so you have large triangle slices.

De skin by picking at the sides with finger nails all the way up the side and do the same on other side of long cacti slices.

Then cut woody centers off of the middle of cacti slices.

Then cut what now looks like green lobster meat into half inch squares and put into sealable container and freeze over night. Take out and thaw all day and freeze again the next night and thaw all day again (( this cuts down on boil time ))

If you completely thaw out the cacti now containing no skin all the water will juice out. ((This is nice for lubricant when blending without using sink water Wink

Now place container full of thawed cacti on sound system and play tunes similar to the style of trip you want as loud as you want.

Then put cacti and it's juice in blender till liquid or a light green milk shake. Then pour into stain less steel pot and warm up.
It will froth up a bit and go back down to all one liqued. This should happen fast because of freeZing and thawing. Stir constantly

Next turn up heat slightly till you get a slight boil. Never letting it get too hot. For three hours stiring every know and then.

Soon you will need to add water to your pulpy mush because most of it has evaporated in the first hour

About three hours in get your stew evaporated down to a baby food mush then pour in to a light t shirt draped over a large cup or bowl.

Now let sit. Load a bowl and medicate. Cacti mush is hot and needs to cool before squeezing and smoking cuts down on stomach pains.

Now. SqueeZe and filter juice threw t shirt and into cup. Do this for a while till squeezed dry. Put fresh cacti juice in freezer and cool till cold enough to drink.

This worked very well for swim. Trip was amazing and will be posting trip report soon Smile