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this would be an interesting one to try if I ever had the chance. although from what I've heard it's pretty hard to come across.
I've also heard you have to puke right after you eat it. I don't know much about the ingestion, danger of it, or dosage. but I definitely think this could be a spiritually enhancing experience at some point.
However your local dealer isn't usually going to know what you're talking about when you ask for it, so i'd be out of luck.
Have you had any experience with psychedelics before?
of course! I've been known to try, mushrooms, ecstasy, mdma, and acid at times.
Okay then you should find that mescaline will be similar in effects. People often cite that mescaline offers a more comfortable ride than other psychedelics. However, it is harder to dose as the concentrations of active material can vary.
Mescaline occurs most in the "skin" of Lophophora williamsii and some Trichocereus sp. Other phenethylamine containing cacti include Ariocarpus fissuratus, Gymnocalycium gibbosum, Pachycereus pecten-aboriginum and Pelecyphora aselliformis.
Other alkaloids may be present: N-formylmescalin, N-actylmescaline, anhalonine, anhalonidine and lophophorine.
As for dangers: Paralysis of CNS in doses >400 mg. Decreased blood pressure, dilated pupils, pains, respiratory arrest, vasodilation, weakness, liver damage and vomiting.

I must warn that peyote (Lophophora williamsii) is an endangered species and should not be harvested from the wild. Don't quote me on this, but I believe that a more sustainable practice would be to harvest parts of large San Pedro (Trichocereus pachanoi, Trichocereus peruvianus etc.) because when done correctly the plant will continue to live.
Of course, the most sustainable way by far would be to grow your own or come into possession of an established plant. But propagation by seed will require more than five years of growth before you will be able to harvest.

I hope this helps in your quest to experience mescaline.
Yes, listen to mr Jamapricotica!
Yes deffinatelly go with a san pedro brew its much more environmentally friendly. Peyote are an endangered species in the wild just because people want to get high, what ever reason they attribute to the use of this cacti. Or alternatively obtain seeds which can easily purchased from safe suppliers online and grow them your self. It will take years they are slow growing and you will want to grow as slow as you can for best strength. I grow my own but since I started caring for them I caught the cactus bug and couldn't damage them now.

Also the list of mescaline containing cacti given above is wrong. Ariocarpus fissuratus, Gymnocalycium gibbosum, Pachycereus pecten-aboriginum and Pelecyphora aselliformis do not contain mescaline they contain other alkaloids such as pellotine and hordenine. These are antibiotic and sedditive not psychedelic.
Jamapricotica, you asked if the poster has any previous experience with psychedelics.

I do not. My research leads me to believe that cactus (probably San Pedro) is the best way to introduce myself to psychedelics, because it is easily available, easy to prepare at home, and has a gentle and slow come-up (according to what I've read).

Do you agree with this? Or do you think a different substance is a better introduction for beginners like me?
I would suggest having a go at some salvia divinorum smoking it in a pipe. It does not last long but gives you a good idea of what to expect. Other psychedelics will have a similar effect but duration will be much longer. I had lsd first but you will find lsd, mushrooms and mescaline all fairly similar. Just be aware that you emotions will be physically experienced bad vibes can make you feel ill good vibes, orgasmic. Best to do your first trip with someone who knows what they are doing. Things can go very wrong with inexperience and you dont want to ruin your first trip.
I'm not interested in salvia. I've read too many bad trip reports and heard too many people say that it has no spiritual value. Plus I don't want to be out of my mind, especially on my first trip. I'm looking for something with a gentle come-up that lets me ease into the feeling. Smoked salvia and smoked DMT seem to hit you 100% or not at all. True?
get some seeds or some cactus cuttings and grow your own cactus.
San pedro is also endangered due to overharvesting in its natural environment. Luckily they grow quickly and are common in cultivation. It should be noted that the literature shows that the green tissue of some san pedros is often more potent than peyote. If you find a tichocereus reported to be potent with a unique name you should grab it and grow it for a year or so, and then, with careful harvesting and propagation, should be fine for life.