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Hello Guys. I am a newcomer so I'd like to ask it to you. I have so much things to learn. I bought a Peyote last week but it seemed to me a bit different. As I can understand from forum that it is a Lophophora williamsii caespitosa, am I right?
I have some questions and I'd be glad if you can answer me. First of all I wanna to learn how old is it? I put a cd while taking the photo so that it may help you to examine the size of the cacti. As I've learnt that this kind of lophophora also contains mescaline, I hope I'm right Smile...when it will become mature for me to use it?
Also there is a small damage on the biggest button and 1-2 small buttons are rotten. will it effect the life of cacti? The gardener that I bought from told me not to water it. I know that it grows in desert but I feel that it needs water in some time...Smile but how often?
As you can see I have so much questions. I've tried to read the forum or search the web but there are so much information which I'm confused a bit.

Thank You in advance..Smile

Nothing looks rotten. It will contain mescaline but will need to build up levels with slow growth and age. There is not much hope in finding out how old it is for various reasons but that is of little concern once it flowers it is mature. They are right to say not to water it due to the split but once it has dried and the split scars over it can then be watered. Keep it dry from about October until March if kept out doors in a green house. If it is in doors over winter it might need just a tiny bit of water if it gets extremely shrivelled.

If you take a look at my pic this is one of my peyote and it is very sensitive to water. you can see it has split in the red circle but as long as it can dry out the scrars will heal really well as you can see in the yellow circles. those splits where caused by my 2 year old daughter knocking it over a few months back.
Thank you "adetheproducer" for you the way what do you mean by "build up levels with slow growth and age"? I think bigger it gets better it is..Smile
About watering, I am keeping it indoor at my house. Shall I water it once in a week or something?
Thank you,

The mescaline is produced and other alkaloids to protect from drought so the dryer it is the better. Mine get water 1 or 2 time a week in summer only once the soil is dry then 1 time in maybe a month or two in winter and only if extremely shrivelled.
I intend to water my one more time soon so keep an eye out and I'll show you pics of how they shrivel up before and then swell up after.
give her less water man..that's why she's breaking the skin
Thank you guys for your help. I'll be watching you to learn more...