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Hello Psychonauts,

If one were to have about 3 feet of completely dried (but whole) san pedro cactus, would one be able to still create a powder and maybe extract the mescaline from it? It seems there was an intention of drying it properly but that didn't happen...
break it up as much as you can and follow a good online brew instructions it should work.
Making a powder of it should be no problem and efficient, since San Pedro powder is available in public markets in Peru. There's no need for extracting the mescaline, just drinking the powder in water or juice will be fine. Be aware that it will be one of the most discusting thing you ever drank.
Totally off topic. Maybe I am nieve or not creative enough. Where do you guys find this stuff? I am from the east coast and never come across this awesome stuff!!!
Its basically legal provided its not for human consumption for dried cacti so most head shops sell it in bags or you can buy the live cacti from various websites or garden centres. Check this link DrugScope | DRUG INFORMATION | Cacti
In the U.S. live cacti or non-dried cuttings seem to be perfectly LEGAL. Pure mescaline is strictly illegal. In between is a gray area: any form of drying, blending, or extracting could be interpreted as "preparation" of mescaline and has some legal risk. Every legal interpretation I've read agrees with this, but someone please correct me if I'm wrong.