Version complète : which member of the trichocereus family is most potent?
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i read somewhere bridgesii was the best to go with but there are so many i just want to be sure i want to start a nice family of them ha
Peruvian torch contains more alkoloids than the others so is the most potent, San pedro T.Pachoi is second and Bridgesii third. Ofcause the age of plants contributes to potency and in my believe the spirit occupying the sacred cactus WILL INFLUENCE THE TRIP/LEARNING CURVE TOO.

T. Peruvianus is surely stronger than bridgesii
Its really all debatory, individual plants within a species can vary in alkaliod diversity and quantity. Echinopsis Peruvianus does have more variety of alkaliods but most will want high mescaline so other species such as echinopsis langiformis (formaly trichocereus bridgesii) echinopsis scopulicola, peruvianus and pachanoi all have similar mescaline content. There us a good overview of psychoactive cacti on the cactusmall website deffinately worth a read.
Bridgesiiis pretty damn strong but you have to remember that it will often come down to the individual cutting.