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So, I was lied and given 2ci. I was told it was something else..I won't go into too much detail, but I will say that I tripped for over 24 hours. I completely lost my mind. I watched my skin melt off. I saw and felt spidereverywhere. Nothing was a solid. For the last oh...I guess 12 hours of the trip everything was just dirty and scary. I heard this wind...and I felt something in my body truing to come out..everything got bright and I watched the room get sucked into a vortex if nothing....over and over and over.....

This was eight months ago... I'm still not right. I still feel trippy as lot. I feel like I'm losing my mind. I can't sleep. I'm so depressed because I know I can't enjoy my life like this. I'm always having what the drs call anxiety attacks. I just want to be normal..I didn't ask for this. Will it ever go away?
you just need to calm down and stay calm. it won't help you to drive yourself mad even more, after what you went through. to me it seems you experienced a non-physical (mental) aspect of reality and yourself, which coincidentally or so
appeared to be a overly negative energy or so. maybe you have suppressed some emotions in some form (energy) in the past
and the energy was catalyzed throuch your mind-body-soul connection. i think it boils down to that in your experience, reality appeared to be like a bad dream. the point i am trying to make here, is that in my opinion, the lack of control of your own thoughts has let you make experience a place in yourself that you obviously wouldn't have preferred to have experienced in the first place. it's like it seems that you didn't prepare well enough for the trip and/or care for the most important factors like set and setting. a common mistake in people who don't have so much experience with psychedelic drugs + trips. nothing to worry about or so, but just to take care of... a matter of self-responsability. however i assume you may have learned your lesson .. lol Tounge .. Wink

so what can you do?? i would say just don't worry... you experienced something negative, but you still have a chance to learn a lot from that about yourself. maybe but only maybe it could be also that you experienced the energy from someone else in you.
but then again at least in my view after a while or so when people do that it's like the energy becomes their own energy.
it's then like a transpersonal manifestation of energy. something like that lol...
as far as i know if you're in a overpsyched mode of thinking/perceiving/feeling it can help to just focus on breathing to relax and let the thoughts just drift by... observe yourself when you feel confident, but until then and especially when the thoughts try to take over control too much and/or in a unwanted way or whatnot just focus on breathing and progressive relaxation
(do stuff that helps you to relax)...just do what feels good to YOU!!! sometimes a few slow and deep breaths and some holding of the breath if that helps and breathing out slowy, feel the energy... i guess somewhat try to keep the natural connection to your own inner being and don't give strange fears any power and observe yourself in that regard...
be careful when your mind tries to fool you and why it seems that it appears to do stuff like that. basically it's like you should have control over your mind and not it over you, hence sometimes it appears that it tries to plays tricks on us in the question of who we are.. it can be a great opportunity though.. maybe it means symbollically or so that you need to activate your brain... there are some important glands in the brain of which the function can make a great difference/are important. maybe you heard of stuff like activating your third eye... there is lots of material and information for doing something like that if you want that and if you want to get deeper into what really happened to you or so... maybe you thought subconsciously you were in a bad movie and it just played out like that but yeah i can only speculate lol... but i would say only do that if you are sure you can confront it or so.... i hope you get what i am trying to say... it's only my speculation ok...
maybe meet a friend to talk to or so that can help you to cool down and relax to drop the crazy "feeling" and the fear of that kinda shit... sometimes company can help if you're in such a "out-of-control" state....
take it easy but with care.. Smile

Wow this seems to becoming a popular trend!!

Hard answer: no, it is not going to just "go away" one day. You're not going to simply forget it happened. That should make you feel pretty damn shitty right now.

And here is why.

What you're in right now is a depressed state. (yah - you coulda told me that). This trip you had was so monumental to your brain structure you're not going to be able to simply forget about it. So get that notion out the door.

The easy answer is in time, you'll figure your path out. (millionth time I've said this, but) I've been there. After a year I still struggled. After two fucking years I still had nights where I'd have a panic attack. I don't want to scare you - after the first year it came only about once every 2 or 3 months. Stuck around for a day or two, then I was 'normal'. I'm now about 5 or 6 years down the road (I Think 5) and I'm doing fine. I can handle more anxiety than the normal person, I know how to calm myself in nearly every situation, I am about as easy going as they come. This came after many readings on psychology and the brain (not the bull shit kind of books - the real helpful ones), and meditation, and a lot lot lot of insight.

I can smoke weed now, I can take LSD, I can take shrooms now. I've felt immense amounts of love and happiness. I had blissful days - the whole day awesome.

The internal conversation I wish you'd change to is "Alright - this is going to be fucking tough, but this guy knows, I'll be fine".

And you really wanna know whats odd? I'm extremely glad I had a horrifying trip. It took me about 2 years to finally say that, but I do. Happywide

I'll be here for you - we all will.
I could say something cheesey like "what doesnt kill you, only makes you stronger." but umbrella ideas never worked for me. It takes time. I had a simillar trip with spiders, and then the wind. It all fades, just try and keep your mind and heart open.

Think about new ideas, unrelated, and love people places and things. Focus on real issues, like cleaning your apartment, making better grades, meeting new people. Struggle isn't a bad thing, you just need to struggle with whats real. :roll:
nothing is permanent. give it time. like everything else that has occurred in your life, this too shall pass.
Sounds like you had some Bromo-dragonfly or DOx?

What is it that stands in the way of you accepting your trip as experience, learning from it and moving on?

Why do you feel like you do?

I leave you with a quote by Rene Descartes "Cogito ergo sum" - In English "I Think, Therefore I am" 8)
sorry it has taken me so long to reply.
and thanks for even replying. sometimes its good just to have someone that can relate...and i feel like no one else around me can. i think i might be thinking on it too much.
just wasnt expecting it.
ive tripped before. they were always really great experiences. nothing too extreme. always over after 8 hours.
I wouldnt have even taken it had iknown. iwas lied to by some shit bag that moved towns.

my keyboard is sticvking realy bad. its reallly hard to type.

does anyone else have extreme sensitivity to lights and colours after their bad trip? and certain temperatures make you feel like
you're triippppiiiiiing out?
Irbreadslave a écrit :does anyone else have extreme sensitivity to lights and colours after their bad trip? and certain temperatures make you feel like
you're triippppiiiiiing out?
You won't believe this but that is all in your head. Literally.

Do you get headaches or are you just sensitive to light? Certain patterns on walls make me trip out. Certain words make me trip out. Certain memories make me trip out. Certain songs or phrases or quotes make me trip out.

In essence - everything makes me trip out if I'm setting myself up for it!
Yes! Certain words do this to me..and like..especially when I see anyone do something very stupid. It makes me feel like I'm getting lost again. Sometimes I can't stand it because I get the sensation that my brain is being wrapped in a balloon tour material and that someone is rubbing it really know that squeaky sound it makes that's awful? That's how iFEEL sometimes and I can't stand it. Ugh. I tried to quit smoking, but I think that makes the crazy feelings worse. So I'll wait to quit when my mind stops over driving itself. I'm on an anti anxiety medication, but I don't like relying on a crutch. It hastopped me from grinding my teeth though. Again sorry for multiple typos
Your post seems pretty solid. You must be doing something right. Try and find a place of zen. This is what i did when i was younger, i had migraines with sensitivity to light and sounds. The doctor never could figure out what cause them but i dont get them but once a year if that any more.

P.S. I would also go into a dark quite room for some peace, but that may only work for migraines.
no headaches. i just cant stand the way the colours or lights feel.
Well, at this point, since you're posting on here and you seem to be stabilized, for lack of a more appealing term, you're going to be fine. It will take a while until you realize this experience was a gift, rather than a curse, but it will come. One day :wink:
over-sensitivity can be debilitating/demotivating, i know what you mean. back in my early teens i experimented with some things that made even my most comfortable clothes seem like that of sandpaper... i felt dirty. just generally uncomfortable in my skin.

time will help you adapt to this change in perception, no doubt. the best thing you can do in the mean-time is work out the kinks slowly and systematically, comfortably, rather than trying to change everything at once. maybe try to gradually increase the amount of time you spend outside during the middle of the day. or if this is too intense, try early or later when it's a little darker out, then work your way up to either more time or brighter sun. this will help some, but even with this, indoor lighting will possibly still seem very weird. for me it still does, it's less noticeable now however i always feel the unnatural colors to be off-putting. i'd much rather be outside.

i feel something should be said about the smoking as well. i dont know how long you've been smoking, but i smoked for about 5 years, and 2 1/2 was me trying to quit. it is by far the hardest habit to quit, because it is engineered that way. i would worry more about the more readily changeable variables before i tried to tackle something as big as smoking, especially if ones sensory perception is very intense atm, ones awareness of the cravings would be extraordinary. if it is truly your will, it will happen. Smile
I love you guys, thanks.
Irbreadslave a écrit :So, I was lied and given 2ci. I was told it was something else..I won't go into too much detail, but I will say that I tripped for over 24 hours. I completely lost my mind. I watched my skin melt off. I saw and felt spidereverywhere. Nothing was a solid. For the last oh...I guess 12 hours of the trip everything was just dirty and scary. I heard this wind...and I felt something in my body truing to come out..everything got bright and I watched the room get sucked into a vortex if nothing....over and over and over.....

This was eight months ago... I'm still not right. I still feel trippy as lot. I feel like I'm losing my mind. I can't sleep. I'm so depressed because I know I can't enjoy my life like this. I'm always having what the drs call anxiety attacks. I just want to be normal..I didn't ask for this. Will it ever go away?

I have a few questions and some answers I feel like you won't like, but if you look them in the face and take them head on I feel majority of your weaknesses will become opportunities for profound wisdom, strength and love!

Why did you want to take a psychedelic substance? Have you ever taken such a medicine before? Who were you going to be with?

While you answer those, I am VERY big into dreams.

Spiders weave a web - a beautiful, intricate trap to catch it's prey. As such, spiders are associated with manipulation. Depending on the rest of the dream, the spider may indicate that the dreamer is being manipulated or that the dreamer is the manipulator.

You say you saw spiders? Well this may or may not be 100% accurate but I could see some validation. Spiders in dreams often mean many things, in this aspect spiders are obviously being portrayed as scary, or as a threat. You are afraid of them. In situations where a person experiences a nightmare involving spiders, it could be symbolically expressing that the dreamer must take charge to come to terms with their fear. The key in understanding if this is the case, is to fix what the problem is outside of your dreams. The dreamer should ask themselves, 'Where in my life am I being manipulated or manipulating others?' and resolve that.

What about the wind?

Wind is an omnipotent force of nature with the ability to create power gusts and storms. It has the power to move things and change the dynamics of the Earth. To dream about wind may be reflective of the time in your current awake self. You feel that time is swiftly passing by just like the phrase, “gone with the wind.” Since time is brisk as the wind, you wish it can slow down and let you take a breather. There are some tasks you want to do, but is not able to do due to the limited amount of time. In situations like this, try to manage your time better so you can make the most of your precious and limited time.

Dreaming of wind may also suggest that certain elements of your life are modified and fluctuations are in place due to the shifting powers of wind. This force of nature may symbolize vitality as well, for it is the very air contained in the wind that we breathe in.

On the other hand, wind is a fragment of Mother Earth that we as humans have no control over. To dream of wind suggests that certain things and situations are out of control and we have no power to change it. Envisioning a squall or storms with surging winds in your dream can be equivalent to the problems and stress you face when you are awake. Although certain situations may be out of your hand, you can try to make the most out of it and not give up.

The more I read your post, I definitely feel like you are running away and avoiding a constant nagging problem in your life. This chip has been eating at you daily and its no wonder you are a complete mess. you have things bundled up from MONTHSSS ago! This is beautiful. I hope you think about some of these things I have mentioned because I feel like if you take a couple days to yourself and examine yourself from the inside out, you will know what to do. follow that gut instinct, I dont think it has ever failed anyone before.

I find it amazing that no one has commented on the fact that you said YOU FELT LIKE SOMETHING WAS TRYING TO COME OUT...HELLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOO!?!!?! Happywide what do you think this means!?? it means something was trying to tell you LOOK AT WHAT YOUR DOING!!! A bad trip is nothing more than the drug showing them wisdom and giving instruction. Inexperienced trippers dont understand how to embrace this love and understanding. When you undergo a trip the first thing to hit you is alllllll of your problems that we have put onto ourself. As a inexperienced user, they are not prepared. The shit is scary BECAUSE....well all the shit that they are doing is scary! Its the inability to embrace and ACCEPT, which Id say is 99% of why 'bad trips' occur anyway. Thats what evil does. It hides, it runs, it does anything it can to drag you down and keep you there. When evil hears or sees wisdom, it violently lashes out because it knows whatever the love and wisdom comes in contact with, it will certainly and indefinitely lose its grips on whatever it is. Love is the almighty. Love is stronger than anything. You are filled very much with hate, sadness, fear... but not anymore. you ARE going to take action and better your life.

Oh, and, I have been on these forums for 3 months now, and I have never made an account. I felt something pushing me to create an account and type this after I read your post.

<3 Happywide
the drug did not magically make everything screwed up. the drug is you. someone posted earlier "I THINK, therefore I. A.M" i live by this quote. you were definitely just as fucked the day you took the chemical. Probably IS why you took the chemical. this trip offered you GRAND wisdom but instead your addictions and fears held you back, because that is exactly what you are doing to yourself. Let me know how things go ASAP i am very interested in hearing what you find
You will be fine it just takes some time. Read my post on my recovery from the trip.
You just slight disturbed your conscience, possibly by the alarming sensation from being tricked into taking it. Just relax and think of things naturally as you would throughout the day. Take time to think about things you do during the day. Eventually your discomforts will vanish. If it makes you feel better, remember, this is an issue which is purely mental. With a little mental willpower you will settle fine!
ThePsychonauticOne is absolutely right. Just find something to keep your mind occupied. That helps alot. Like pick up a class or a new hobby. Also talk with a counselor.
Hey Irbreadslave:yawinkle: Its taken me for ages to log into here because passwords didn't work. This is first post I have seen since its all gone all new fangled here

I am SO sorry to hear what happened to you. It is TERRIBLE to give something like psychedelics and not inform the person about it! That evil shit is what the CIA did, and it caused much distress and even suicides.
MY very first trip was done like that by these hippies. Although on one hand I resent what they did, on the other it was an amazing life-changer,and resolved a lot of toxic shit that had built up in even young me (I was only 15). But I remember that the latter part of the trip I freaked out and everyone went green. Don't remember much after that.

I feel what has happened to you ios that BECAUSE of that terrible abuse, and thus the set and setting being absolutely not right, that you have been left with the effects of that. Ideally then I would suggest you have another Trip--is possible with someone you can trust, who isn't tripping, knows about what you have been through and is there to give you company and support (IF you know anyone get back to me and I will encourage them to watch a video about giving support to someone who is having psychedelic experience)

THIS time you must very much emphasize self-love. You may talk to the substance (do a little ritual) and the Four Corners, and spirits, and tell them what happened and you ask their help to help you heal from that abuse to your body and soul. And in this way you are creating the proper intelligent, and loving context for your opening up. because this is what psychedelic experience is--is your whole being opening up like a flower

Have a flower in the place you trip, and relate to that in this way. I read a very moving account of someone who had psychedelic healing who at part of the trip the flower that was in the room looked wilted and dead, but later when he started feeling all reinvigorated it looked blooming and full of life!

So please pay serious attention to what I am encouraging.
This is what is wrong when you have to buy unregulated substances you cannot trust. you literally dont know what your ingesting. People are dying from this----not 2ci, as far as I know. I am not familiar with it-0----as I have heard in last few weeks some young people dying after taking some 'party drugs'. So it can be that serious.
So you say it is a form of LSD? And you didn't realize just how much of a dose it was. You then have a hellish experience which goes on for 12 hours. It must have been really terrible.

So you have this really distressing experience and hey look...NO SUPPORT. The only resort you have is a psychedelic forum. This is exactly this culture. If you went to their doctors or shrinks they would call what you had experienced "psychosis", and therefore "mental; illness", and they would see your present experiences resulting from that as "symptoms of psychosis"--or some pseudo medical scientific BS terms they would jot down in their little book so you couldn't see. And then no doubt they would want to put you onto "ANTI-PSYCHOTICS". But those drugs are toxic and can harm your nervous system and they come from a mindset that has lost its soul and thinks we are robots, so I would trust them as much I would trust the person you get your psychedelics from. Though what you could have done--taking responsibility for yourself--was only take a half of what you had got to test the water, because as said you don't know what measure your getting

I think I may have mentioned Rick Doblin before. He is with MAPS which are trying to bring psychedelic healing into the community. Maybe you could find a way of contacting him. It could be--used to be and tell him your situation and what he would recommend?

This is what I would recommend: Try and acquire some psychedelic that is from the earth, like magic mushrooms. Don't take too many, but spend a LOT of thought on set and setting, and talk to the sacrament in a deep intimate open way how you feel, and what your intent is. In your case it could be to find the source of why you feel so bad. Make sure you will not be disturbed when you ingest the psychedelic(would be good if you had support from a friend also) and then love and trust the experience. Give your self at least a whole day after the Trip to explore what you experienced/are experiencing.
ooops I had assumed that OP was just new. Oh well my advice still stands Wink)
The biggest problems w/ the 2Cs, or any of the RCs for that matter, is that people mistake them for other substances and then do the wrong doseages etc.
Especially if people insufflate these substances. Oral might be 20-30mg but snorted is around 7mg. And most people do not have a scale that accurate.
Then when you add people selling these things as LSD or MDMA and you get all kinds of problems.
It always comes down to knowing your source and doing a small tester dose in a safe environment. For this reason I bring my own stuff to festivals as just getting something on shakedown street can be a lot more iffy than in years past.
To the OP; I hope that time fades the horror or the trip and that you get something out of it in the end. For the meantime do your best to keep yourself occupied fruitfully and meditate and I am sure this will fade into the background and all will be well. Many blessings and best wishes to you.
I would have to disagree with you zest. When I had my 2C-I freakout my counselors were very supportive and not judgmental, and advised against me taking any medication. I would definitely advice therapy to help if anyone is experiencing something similar with no medication of any sort. It went once a week for about 3 months on my campus. No good therapist is gonna say you have a psychosis unless you are basically not able to respond with logically answers. My best friend has a shroom induced psychosis, trust me if that therapist had any training at all, they will notice it. Kinda of hard to misdiagnose.
I regard myself as a trip baby. Back in the nineties, when friends would.drop a hit or two of LSD, I would eat a ten strip. "Bad trips" were some of the best experiences that I ever experienced. Most vivid hallucinations and an awareness that rivalled all consciousness. Maybe it is because I am/was really in touch with my dark side, but you must embrace yer fears rather than shun them. Don't run. Stand and face them, and when it all subsides (and it will.........eventually) you will be a stronger person.
The 2C-I trip is releaving that you're life is pretty messed up. I would suggest going to a quiet room Write down all of your problems in life as well as the horrible experience you had with 2C-I. Take 80mg propranolol. Have a trusted friend read what you wrote on paper and think about your problems. Relive them in your mind and imagine them as if it were happening at the moment. The next day, you should wake up just fine. The fresher these bad memories, the better. The propranolol helps you to let go and let go of the negativity associated with your life. Propranolol helps you move on. You will have to improve your life though, or you will have new bad memories that you may surpress like the last ones that are stuck in your subconscious mind. You have negative feelings towards some of your past experiences in life. I don't blame you, but it's time to truely let go and move on. You'll still remember those memories, but it'll be like watching paint dry when you let go. Propranolol helps you realize that you are not your experience. You are just having the experience. You are not irbreadslave. You are just having the experience of irbreadslave. Matter is only fluctuations of energy in multi-dimensional strings.
Wow Swimchem5 that is a very good idea. I've never heard anyone suggest anything like that but I believe that may be a very important step in bad trip management...

Thanks for posting that.
propranolol....? Thats evil big pharma shit. Dont trust them. Stick with the sacred medicine!
I had an experience like yours once, I got something laced with PCP. It was horrible and I thought that I would never come back. In some ways I didn't, they were positives. Every other way that mattered... I made it back. Hang in there and you will pull through!


Irbreadslave a écrit :does anyone else have extreme sensitivity to lights and colours after their bad trip? and certain temperatures make you feel like
you're triippppiiiiiing out?

does anyone else have extreme sensitivity to lights and colours after their bad trip? and certain temperatures make you feel like
you're triippppiiiiiing out?[/QUOTE]

So i took 2C-I for the first time last weekend but I was expecting it and had a crazy good time. Its all about what you expect, where your head is, and how much you take. I totally agree with the sensitivity to your visual intake and temperature sensitivity the same thing was happening to me the first couple of days (letting me know that this drug was no joke..) . I honestly was just browsing Google trying to learn more about 2C and I came across this thread, so I made a user account to speak on my account of the drug. I really want to tell you that it will go away but I'm not sure what to say because it is one of those really deep experiences (like a really heavy acid trip) that changes you and stays with you for quite some time. I know I still feel the effects of this 2c trip from last weekend but I wanted the change; the expansion.

Just try to take this experience as a positive lesson to
one: always trust your drug dealer with your life ( if that be a doctor, friend, some shit bag, etc..)
two: Know that everything happens for a reason if it was not meant to be it would not have happened so be at peace with the situation and focus on your life and i am assured that this will leave you with time. Try listening to some youtube videos with Eckhart Tolle and his views on stillness of the mind it might help.

One love between all

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