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Hi guys I'm new to this site. Well my life has been a living hell after a bad trip of 2C-I that happened 4 weeks ago. I was drunk and it was the last night of finals week, so I wandered out on campus. I went to this house and I was accidentally given 15 mg of 2C-I in a cup of water. This was around 8pm. Around 9Pm I realized what had happened, and the trip started to kick in. It was really intense, but I remained calm and tried to not freak out. I listened to music with the people who gave it to until around 2am. Afterwards I went to my friends duplex that I was staying at to try and finish the trip. Around 4am I started to hear music in my head and I couldn't get it out of my head, then I started to have a bad trip. I thought I was going crazy like my best friend who went into a psychosis over the course of 2 months after a shroom and salvia trip (he's fine now after he went to a mental hospital for a few days, and it took a while for him to come fully back.) 8 months prior to this trip. I'm started to fear for my sanity. I took 2 benadryl to make me sleep a 5am and it didn't work. I was tripping and thinking I was gonna go insane until 9am. I woke up at 11:30 am so happy that I was back to normal. I was still traumatized by that crazy trip when I returned home that afternoon for winter break. I keep researching the chemical which they had given me, and panicking that I would not slept normal. All was fine until 4 days later, when I felt electrical charges and burning through my head. The pain would pop up in one place and go somewhere else in my head after 15 mins to 2 hours. So i told my mom to take me to the Er. My blood pressure was elevated at 150/90 then eventually to 140/85. It wasn't enough to cause a stroke, but they ran a ct scan on me to make sure it wasn't one. The doctors had never heard of 2ci and said that it was probably out of my system by that time. They gave me morphine for the pain, even though I initially refused because the headaches were more annoying then actual horrific pain. Once they injected me with it, I felt really anxious and weird. The nurses told me to calm down and that I would be fine. The morphine didn't really stop the pain either. The ct scan came back and it appeared that I didn't stroke out or anything. So I went home around 8am that morning. I got back at 8:30 and took a benadryl to rest after such a stressful night. I passed out, but woke up at 11:30 after strange dreams. I was so confused and anxious when I woke up. I couldn't collect my thoughts so I ran to my moms room to ask for help. I would have night terrors and morning confusion for the next week after that. I thought I was losing it, and I heard music in my head whenever I wasn't focused. After a week it went away and I couldn't finally sleep again. However after this subsided I was very uncomfortable to hear music in my head when I was occupied. I thought I was gonna lose it like my friend, and that thought was unbearable. And the headaches were still persisting which drove me me crazy to have a burning sensation and tingling feeling that happened like that all the time. I went to a primary doctor to check my bp and it was 140/80. So it was normalizing. The doctor thought the night terrors were from a combination of 2ci morphine and some valium I took to sleep. I went back to school for winter term(a short term for the month of january) and started to taking a martial art class. Things were going ok, but i still heard music and had headaches. I went to the campus psychologist and one back home, and they said I wasn't going crazy which was a relief. They thought I had a mild form of PTSD or a mild stress disorder. I tried to deal with this situation, now knowing I wasn't going crazy. However, the headaches were now moving to my neck and burning alot more than usual. The campus doctor couldn't explain it, but he thinks it has something to do my with my nerves hence the burning. So he gave me a low dose of the antidepressant Elavil, to make it go away. It worked, but then my face went numb and my anxiety came back, he thinks it was a rare reaction, but its getting better. Because of the headaches, I'm going back home today and tomorrow I'm going to see a neurologist to see what wrong with me, because I can't take not knowing what is causing my headaches. This has been a living hell. I'm constantly stressed, about going crazy, thinking my headaches are possibly brain damage from a chemical that is barely researched. I hope the the music in my head goes away(it has been slightly subsiding) and that the headaches go away. I pray that this is something that I have deal with for the rest of my life. I hope its the anxiety causing all of this. 2C-I has made this winter a nightmare, and I hope it doesn't ruin the rest of my life. I'm a 20 year college student in my 3rd year with aspirations of being a geologist. I don't want this to ruin me, I'm so scared. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Could anyone tell me if 2C-I can damage the brain from one dose. Any advice would be welcomed.
If you'd like you can read the last post on page two of this thread :

That will let you know I may have had a similar experience.

Let me tell you a few things that will help calm your nerves.
1. You aren't going crazy - I promise.
2. This will actually make you a fuller, better person and your ability to cope with this will be beneficial in the long term.
3. Brain damage (chemical especially) probably doesn't cause headaches. This may seem counter intuitive, but real brain damage is much different. The fact that you are worrying about brain damage and the way you are presenting this tells me your brain is fine.

Did you know the brain has no nerve endings? Meaning the brain itself cannot feel pain - headaches themselves is the tissue lining the brain. Interesting, no? So you're not feeling any kind of burning in your brain - it would be impossible to do so.

2c-i is, believe it or not, a very familiar drug. It's counterpart, 2c-b is a very well known chemical and I believe was synthesized in the 60's. There is apparently a tribe in africa that takes 2c-b regularly.

My point here is your headaches are not something that you need to fear. Yes - please attempt to understand them, get them figured out, but do not fear them. They are not signs of brain damage, they are more likely a sign of stress - extreme anxiety.

You're going to have to figure out what you want to focus on in order to pull through the rest of this ordeal. It is going to be a long learning experience for you. It took me quite some time to be able to smoke pot again and remain calm. Hell I still can't smoke out of a bong, it is just too intense for me. But the path I have taken, the books I have read, the self-teaching I have experienced, all has propelled me to a mountain of understanding. I am extremely confident in my ability to understand my mind and conscious now and due to the anxiety I had I now have an overwhelming sense of empathy for others.

It is up to you to spin this event into a positive experience, and it isn't always easy.

But you'll get there. :wink:

PS I just graduated college with a B.S. in chemistry. I'm going to graduate school in the fall. I was 17, I believe, when I had my experience. Rather than seeing it as a ruining of my future, it made me really attempt to help others and obtain my dreams Smile - sounds corny, but yes. Take advantage of the intensity of these emotions. Put it to good use.
Chemicals like 2C-I do not cause brain damage, but they can activate processes that need to be channelled and responded to wisely or else problems can ensue.

It sounds to me like the conditions in which your trip happened (in particular, how late at night it was: you wanted to go to sleep far earlier than you could reasonably be expected to be capable of sleeping, due to the duration of the drug; also the alcohol, and generally that you weren't prepared) made it so that you couldn't properly engage with everything that was happening, got freaked out and ran tried to block out what was going on.

My guess is that what you probably need is some way to engage with and resolve the feelings and thoughts that have been triggered by the whole ordeal. Do you meditate? Or have you ever done psychoanalysis or anything similar?
I went to the doctor yesterday. They got a neurologist and toxicologist to see what happened. They think its pyschogenic pain, but i have an appointment with the neurologist soon. They recommended me going to counseling. I hope this ends soon. Its been a month since the incident. I just hope I go back to normal soon. I hope this isn't forever. I'm scared. However, I'm learning how to redirect my energy.
Don't be afraid of it; you're already aware of what is going on, and you've already got your hands going at it. Have faith in yourself, it'll work out fine if you just mediate it to yourself. If you're an artsy person, try drawing it out or otherwise making use of emotions this whole ordeal makes you feel, but don't shun it. It's just you (and your unconscious). As asked before: do you meditate? Or otherwise have some person with a deep emotional understanding and bond with you, with whom you could speak out with, bar no emotional or self-response? Someone who loves you, basically .. Counselling, too, but be weary of taking more medicine to help with the "symptoms"; it's all in the mind, but no, you are not crazy.

Keep your head up and stand in the waves the times you feel that you can handle it, and look around you, at what is going on and what it is making it go, but be strong and have faith, and keep smiling!
The worst feeling : "Will this be forever"

No - but your mind sure can trick you into believing that.

When that thought comes up, you have to realize you are simply projecting fear into the future. This is actually called apocalysm (psychological term). Who knows why we have it in our subconscious, but it is hard-wired in there. We get sick for a day and we think, imagine, if we were like this forever.

Why does that even happen!!>??

The only thing you have to fear is fear itself. And that is the honest truth.
By the sounds of things, You had never planned on taking any chemical substances based on your friends negative experience.

Hence the plunge into the thoughts of following the same route. In your very susceptible state of mind you were held in a state of fear by your negative thoughts and you have merely temporarily conditioned yourself to believe these irrational thoughts.

I suggest you do some exercise and focus on any hobbies or past times you have, to try and remind yourself about the positive things in life. You are now gifted with the ability to think outside the box, Use it wisely and do not try and put yourself in a box / category I.E. Crazy, Mental, Ill. If anything you are probably confused Smile

I leave you with a quote by Rene Descartes "Cogito ergo sum" - In English "I think, Therefore I am" 8)
I made this file as soon as i seen this! I need to know how you're doing, you see to make a long story short i have had a very similar experience i took the drug october 2010, and progressively feel worst each passing month, the feeling was so overwhelming and scary i thought i was going insane for sure all i can do now is cope with it until it gets worst and learn to cope with that but i can only go so far, i'd appreciate it if you message back and let me know what happened in your situation! thanks Smile
I am kinda shocked to read that you had a bad experience on 2C-I. It is one of the most clear headed trips out of the 2C family. I once took 25mg and fell asleep waiting for it to kick in. I took it around 11pm and passed out by 12:30 only to awake an hour later tripping balls. I find it to be extraordinary in nature and affords unique visuals, often more enjoyed as CEV's.
lots of good info. glad to read all of this thanks for the post