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RE: Liste RdR des shops de RC 4
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Liste RdR des shops de RC Nouveaux Produits de Synthèse (NPS / RC)
(20/05/2020 21:23)Tridimensionnel a écrit :
Je ne sais pas ce que vaut ce site mais je le poste en me disant que quelqu’un saura peut-être quoi en penser


Sorry for writing this post in English. Je suis désolé, je ne parle pas français.

RC***ne is a hobby of mine, which I started after I got scammed. 

Since no forum was interested in compiling a comprehensive list of reliable web shops, because sourcing forums usually take money from certain shops and do not want other shops to be mentioned at all, I invested in a new project. It is still under construction but should be ready soon and will be available in two languages by the end of summer.

RC**** is a non-profit project, has no affiliates, no sponsors, and does not favour any shops.

The list of "Trusted Shops" was compiled to my best knowledge = my own experiences or experiences from people I personally know and trust. In the descriptions, I try to explain that a "Trusted Shop" might not necessarily meet your expectations, but all of these shops DO ship and are no scammers. This is the important thing to me: To help the community to prevent from getting scammed.

Shop reviews with photos are added to prove that the list is trustworthy. Scammers might easily post 400 positive reviews of themselves each day, but my concept plays in another league: Scammers will not be able to easily copy RC*****.

Regarding the thing with the invitation codes: I noticed that many were looking for invitation codes, so I created this page and form. I am not involved in the process, the shop accepts the requests and will provide you with a code. I tested it, it works, it might help you saving time. I am not friends with that vendor, I criticize them on several occasions.

If you wanted to publish a shop review (including photos) or any articles referring to Research Chemicals, you are more than welcome to do so! Also, if you would like to recommend shops that are missing in the list, please drop me a line, thank you.

If you are interested in participating in RC***** or if you would like to share ideas on how to improve the website, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards Smile)

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