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the best way to meditate

Hello everybody,

What do you think is the best way to meditate (ie in which framework)?
Also I know there are several kinds of meditation?
Which one would you recommend me?
Thx a lot
there is no best way, but for me, the vipassana courses were amazing. they really drive home the message that you can actually dive deeeep into your mind without psychedelics. even though the courses are rather hardcore in a way, you don't need much prior experience.

check it out: Vipassana Meditation Website
the courses are on donation basis, that is, you don't have to pay if you don't want to.
if you really want to get into it, try one of those 10 day courses, and know what you are getting into - I didn't the first time, which caused me a lot of confusion.

otherwise you might get a book on zen and try to do it on your own. alan watts' "the way of zen" is good, "zen mind, beginners mind" by D.T. Suzuki too. but I suppose the bookshelves are replete with mindfulness and meditation books... these two I liked a lot, anyway.
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i don't know what kind of genre and persona you posses .. however a Yoga meditation posture named Kapaal Bhanti will be perfect for you .. for this you have to sit by bending and crossing your both legs over a mat and be straight by back .. now close your eyes and ears with palm fingers and start in & ex haling air from both the nasals ... an ultimate peace you will feel at last.
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I guess for a proper meditation you need a peaceful place as unless your mind is not at rest you can't perform anykind of meditation. So find peace and then proceed.
There are so many courses but i think vipassana courses are good and i heard a lot about these vipassana courses. I think these are safe and effective.
If 100 breaths isn’t going to cut it for you, set a timer for 5 minutes. Then meditate until the timer goes off. This way, you don’t have to wonder about how long it’s been, or how much longer you should meditate for. It’s like meditation on cruise-drive.

The lesson here is: Make your meditation as cruise-drivey as possible.
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^absolutely. I always set a timer for meditation, everything else is a waste of time, since you will have a lot of internal considering whether it was enough by now or not. if you set a timer, no such question arises and you have a lot more capacity to actually meditate.

Good tidings, All

I feel that it is of utmost importance to develop the capacity to become impartial and empty of any expectation, when sitting in deep meditation. Just be... and in so doing, watch the watcher, watching itself, watch itself existing (ad infinitum). Calmly observing the nature of ideas arise, releasing them into the formless void, from whence they came and one finds that we maintain focus, keeping a steady concentration fixed at the epicenter of one's own being.

This, of course, brings to mind the paradox of just what exactly, is one's epicenter? I humbly suggest that each of our truest center of being is our core awareness itself. Consciousness is the underlying essence of all existence, to one degree or another. So, whatever form of meditation we embrace, the truest principles are identical, as one needs to loses oneself, to gain oneself. Meaning, the ego must be effectively silenced, to experience the reality behind the myriad appearances of this or that, inside and outside, self and other, etc...

Yogis name the indwelling self as Atman and Buddhists declare there is no permanent self at all, merely Anatma (no self). While seemingly contradictory in their emphasis, there is an agreement in that the surface of oneself is wholly illusory and the depths of oneself (or of one's no-self), there is that special something else... which is far and away, beyond the appearances of any form, is wholly eternal, infinite and absolute in it's Omniscient being. Some name it: Brahman, YHWH, Buddha Nature, God, The Tao or Allah... while some do not name it anything at all. As they say in India, "Tat Tvam Asi". We are That and naught else but That. Such a realization is sheer Nirvana! Regardless of conceptualization, without stillness within the mind, true reality cannot be directly perceived, free of the mirage of our own self-mesmerism.

I have found that through focus upon our breathing, this state can be found as most immanent, accessible and an ever-present call to spiritual awakening. Watching the breath allows the conscious-awareness to shift it's attention and bloom resplendently. Two qualities which pull my senses deeper within are the Sound Current or AUM vibration and the effulgence of the Inner Light. These are perceived by the Third Eye (or Third Ear, if you will). Attention placed on the breath, leads to direct experience of these attributes of the Divine, heretofore hidden from our understanding (itself culled from data transmitted by the five senses, deductive intellect and intuition).

Now, in combination with entheogens, awareness of our breathing is most powerful! It leads to levels and degrees of awakening, which reveal our truest nature. I often liken meditation to attunement. We are continually tuning our conscious-awareness to the quintessence of the Sacred Realm or Unified Field of Being. We are forevermore, blossoming in our exponential expansion of conscious-awareness. In this way, we are quite symmetrical and one in our innermost epicenters. We are echoes and reflections of the same Sacred Being. May you all journey deeply into your core self and discover the state therein, the transcendental pulse of Universal Awakening. Have a lovely day or night, dearest travelers through the dreamscape of the time-space-continuum. May we each find peace and moments of ecstatic-bliss, along the way.

Namaste, Rising Spirit
There is no self to which I cling, for I am one with everything.
Its most important for the beginning mediator needs to do is establish the mind set that meditation is a training. And there are many CDs on the market that provide guided meditations.
Nice. I will definitely check out different guides and then choose the method I think is better
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(13/05/2022 11:21)porteyalma a écrit :
J'ai déjà essayé la méditation et la relaxation, mais cela n'a pas réussi à soulager le stress. J'ai donc décidé d'essayer le jeu comme distraction et cela a fonctionné pour moi. J'ai trouvé un classement des casinos sûrs sur [site de casino]. Maintenant, après le travail, je joue pendant quelques heures, je me sens mieux.

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