the "best" diet
This is my favorite!
peaches- 1 cup= 2.36 grams fructose

clementines- 2 fruits= 2.42
raspberries- 1 cup=2.89
pineapple- 1 cup= 3.50
grapefruit- 1 cup=4.07
bananas- 1 cup=7.28
apples 1 cup=7.38
mangoes- 1 cup 7.72
pears- 1 cup=9.22
Hey guys,Diet has own importance in our life if you want to keep good fitness and health so we should be follow the healthier diets
rules.Diet is the perfect way for the weight loss and the fat loss but mostly i like these diets for get nutrition and proteins like,...
Vegetarian diets
Supplements diets
Banana diets
Dairy foods

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Unhealthy diet or wrong diet is directly effect on hair and body weakness also.
green vegitables are good diet.
I tend to agree with ararat. Disclaimer; I have not read the book. It makes sense however, to listen to one's body PROVIDED the body is allowed to talk, and it has ears (tongue in cheek). Toxic body may send erratic requests for more toxins like sugar.
Healthy body will "place requests" for things that it needs.
We are all different. One man's cure will be another's poison. Not everyone can thrive on blood and high fat goat milk like the big and healthy Maasai tribe, famous for perfect, cavity free teeth.
There is no "best" diet. Raw food diet is neither "good", nor practical in cold climates.
Nature provides different foods for different people in different climate zones. IF there is any truth to eating according to the blood type, we also evolved to ingest/digest different foods depending on who our ancestors where (maybe hunters, maybe shepherds).
Last but not least we are not what we eat, but what we absorb. And that differs from person to person, too.
I am new here, and I hope we exchange ideas without judgment? If so, I hope that my two pennies will be accepted Smile

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