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pedicularis densiflora resin A-OK!

pedicularis densiflora is quite possibly the best herbal relaxant i've ever come across, i haven't tried to make tea with it but smoking it really put me down, i smoked the resin on a bowl of mj, the effects were like a more sedating kava kava feel.

has anyone else tried this herb? maybe as a tea, or mixed with kava kava or skullcap, amanita mushroom, or any other plant on earth, i really don't see how it couldn't mix with just about every drug ever made, especially seems like it would be good for taking harsh edges off of trips, and coming down from speed.
where the fuck are all the zombies? thats the problem with zombies they're always so unreliable. g.c.
I had overwhelming success using 5 grams of pedicularis densiflora steeped into tea. I drank one cup of the tea and felt a relaxation within about 30-45 minutes. My muscles became completely relaxed. After about an hour and 15 minutes I became a bit worried and paranoid because the effects seemed to increase. My mental clarity was soon replaced by a narcotic stupor and I was completely confused about what was happening.. Once I realized that what I was experiencing was likely the effects of the tea I calmed down a bit and the world of the Indian Warrior became slightly easier for me to navigate. I found the tranquil, lethargic, dreamy states to be somewhat akin to the effects of consuming somnitea.

My respiratory system began to slightly slow down at about the two hour mark and I became anxious, hoping that I hadnt just consumed a dosage far too powerful.

The sensations of complete tranquility that permeated every inch of my body inspired an aphrodisiac-like characteristics to the experience.

I urge others to further investigate this genus, it sounds promising.

I would also perhaps recommend a lower dosage of 1-2 grams to start with.

Does anyone else have experience with the tea that will shed further light on this fascinating botanical?
i'm so sold on this stuff, i killed off all of what i had but will be getting more for the stash soon.

i've read about people just sitting in a patch of the flowers nibbling away, then they wake up in the same spot hours later. the dried plant is even powerful, but nothing like that yummy resin.

delphi where did you come across the resin? i'm always looking for a better price.
where the fuck are all the zombies? thats the problem with zombies they're always so unreliable. g.c.
i'm TOTALLY getting this stuff sometime! :O
i have not worked with the extract, although I do have some Pedicularis procera extract our pedicularis supplier sent, one 00 gel cap produced significant relaxation of muscles and mind but came no where near as close to what the densiflora tea did to me.

I would like to caution those working with this material to start small and not try and overdo it because for some time there I fell into a deep worry about the possibility of significant respiratory depression. If anyone happens to know of the LD50 of any of its constituents please share because safety is key when pioneering these rediscovered treasures!

I've noticed that the pedi synergizes extremely well with an equal amount of kratom.

After ingestion of the first cup, the first thing I recalled as the effects began to become noticable was the story of the individual who ate fresh flowers and later woke up in the field. There is no doubt in my mind that the story is valid, this stuff really put me out.

I certainly wish the mental clarity was there for me, as it is with somnitea. Perhaps i'll try using an even smaller dose.

I've noticed at the smaller dosages, I can definately see why this amazing plant is considered a powerful aphrodisiac, another gram or two up and it really seems to take on a hypnotic feel to it.. At 6 grams i would come close to calling this narcotic, although its no where near as divine as my sweet dark mistress somni who will always have a place in my heart until the death of me where my ashes will be used in the soil of my wife's personal poppy garden. oh dark tar, how close you are to my heart.
my wife and i split 1gr of the resin lastnight. nothing really intense or anything but definite relaxation and tranquility. i think 1gr per person would do just fine but probably not more than 2gr.
where the fuck are all the zombies? thats the problem with zombies they're always so unreliable. g.c.
I tried 3 grams in tea the other day and was a little dissapointed.

However I did notice that it seemed to react with a residual cannabis high (it is legal here, please do not break the law and smoke cannabis) that had long wore off, it was as though it brought back the high. I could have interpreted the experience as its own high, but when bioassaying new materials like this its important to take all factors into consideration (as in having smoked prior).
If anyone else has had a similiar reaction or could attempt to verify this by recreating the experience (tea was drank nearly 1 1/2 - 2 hours after legal consumption of the cannabis) I would be interested in hearing your opinion.

I also have some ped procura but the material doesn't seem as good as the densiflora. I tried some of the extract but didn't find it to be as active.
i usually mix the leaf with the mj 50/50
this seems to intencify both, i definitely won't drive after i smoke it though.
hell i usually won't even stand up.
where the fuck are all the zombies? thats the problem with zombies they're always so unreliable. g.c.

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