parallel dimensions, universe of the mind, time travelling
I have been very interested in this subject for a while lately after some wat u could say bad experiences just over a year ago i was intertubing on some rapids with my best friend and he had coaxed me into going down a set of rapids that were way out of my skill range and when i got close i started getting scared and had a very sick feeling in my stomach my friend went down the rapids on a boogie board and took a perfect line down i went after him and went straight over the top of a large rock in the middle of the river that had a 4 foot dip on the other side of it for some reason i tried as hard as i could but it was like something was dragging me to it and i flipped off the intertube and i remember getting caught on a rock and being thrashed against the rocks on the bottom of the river and i can still see me self hitting against the rocks and were my sandle was wedged holding my foot under the water and seeing my knee being bashed i remember seeing a white light and then popping out of the water but then going back under i finally built up enough will to find the intertube which was 5 feet down stream and i climbed back onto it ever since ive had a huge fear of fast deep water, my second experience of the type was ridding my friends gokart i flipped the go kart and rolled it 5 times both of my friends were stunned by how baddly i was slammed around in it and i was knocked uncouscious for about 30 minutes and during that time i had a dream of that whole hour leading upto the crash but as soon as i hit the stump that got me airbourne i came to and thought it was months previous for about 10 minutes and i snapped out of it. i was very terrified not knoing who i was and where i was... those experiences morphed my life a lot but has made me more curious about everything...
Please, dont't shun punctuation, because this is quite unreadable ..

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