maybe sometimes in some sense children need to educate their parents???
well, unfortunately i don't know how to explain that really well... but yeah i would say it's known that children have their own wisdom in some sense... i guess it's a bit of a rant here, but yeah maybe the parents not always have had an easy life, too, so it's most certainly also not good to be too harsh to the parents... so... this is just something i learnt in my life and i had forgotten that a little bit...
we can learn with time and experience when our own feeling is true and when what the other people are saying should be paid more attention to... in my own experience with my parents it was often like both sides could learn something from each other, if unnecessary ego and drama could be dropped without too much effort and the willingness to listen to each other and you don't have to believe anything other people say... hmm i think i just believe family is something rather elemental. hmmm i don't know what else to say right now... maybe anyone else has some ideas, knowledge or experience to share???

i'm so disgusted by the world of today.. Sad
I've been thinking about this, and have discussed it with a friend who has 2 kids of her own. Yes, I believe it is true, in a sense, and so did she. Children have the unteachable wisdom that hasn't been corrupted by the outside forces in the world. All they know is to live, eat, sleep, play, and most importantly, love. My friend I just mentioned was riding in the car with her 4 year old, and the youngster was asking if they could get out and pick up all the garbage littering our city. That kind of says it all. And whenever I eat eL, I've always thought that I am reverted back to childhood. Tasks are a lil more difficult, everything is so darn funny, I'll even color in coloring books

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