life through out the universe evolved from the same being
That's why there is no body of matter in the cosmos that does not have a soul
Our souls are the very literal core of our being.
It is where our energy of life gravitates to in the center of our minds.
It's like the lone black hole in the center of our conscious perspective.
Pulling in everything.
Every sight every sound.
Every smell taste and every touch.
Down to the last molecule.
There is no planet, star, or ball of dirt in the universe that doesn't have some kind of life in it or on it in some shape or form that we can or can't detect with instruments created in and for our own personal environment.
So while it's hard to accept or fathom for most that it's much more improbable for life not to exist elsewhere and anywhere for that matter. It does. Because they were forced to.
At the coalescence of any body of matter they existed from the inside out.
This means that beings have a consciousness at every level of every object in the universe.
And life exists because of consciousness. Not breathing. Eating or sleeping. Because it simply exist.
This means that if you were to blast a marble off into outer space and put it in orbit around the sun with a few key elements, it would eventually support life of some form and itself IS alive.
Nothing that exist in the universe doesn't have some form of life residing within.
Every spherical object was seeded by the same organism.
This being was as large as a sub atomic particle. 
This being was what all of our consciousness are copies of.
The resulting descendants of this being is your consciousness.

..The being was the first soul
Call it what you want. But this theory can prove scientifically that God doesn't exist in and around us in the theological sense. But instead in a more literal practical sense.
you get an A for your paper Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

The universe is one 'thing' made of many parts which are all connected in that they all came from a single point
our consciousness and our senses are simply the way that the universe has developed to experience itself
since we are connected to and are apart of the universe

we were rocks on earth
in fact we were chemicals on earth before that
and before that we were base elements floating through space slowly collecting and colliding with others
slow but surely we have exploded into these bodies that we often believe are different from the rest of the universe
until we die and return to the dust from whence we came
Theres no path to peace, peace is the path.
Spiral out..
Big Grin

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