Which of these psychedelics are best in treating depression?
Which of these psychedelics are best in treating depression? And how often? Big Grin http://www.facebook.com/questions/27816 ... ?qa_ref=pt
It depends on what's causing it.

If you live in the north and don't get much sun in winter, it can just be SAD, seasonally affected disorder. Take Vitamin D.

Shrooms and cannabis are nice. LSD works, but it's less natural than shrooms. Ayahuasca is said to be good, but I've never tried it. Shrooms can be taken once a week or every other week. Cannabis can be taken daily. MDMA is also a good one. In fact, studies are being done now on just that.
http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m ... _84804834/

The MAPS site is very good to research for a variety of other actives and the legitimate studies being done.
A 'Coming out of Retirement' Psychonaughtical Traveler
Mushrooms : They're ALL edible . .. . it's what happens afterward that's important.
I would recommend ayahuasca. Not for the drug itself but for the ritualised context in which it is used. It's not likely you will cure your depression by just taking a drug by yourself or with friends.

When it comes to therapeutic use there is great need of a ritual and proper guidance. Psychedelics do not improve or worsen depression but YOU do. And psychedelics can help you greatly with both.
Do your research before taking any of these drugs.
^^^ . .. the best advice ever. You never want to take anything without knowing what it is, what it does or what it may do.
A 'Coming out of Retirement' Psychonaughtical Traveler
Mushrooms : They're ALL edible . .. . it's what happens afterward that's important.
Id say DMT if your ready, BUT ONLY if you know everything about it and what it does and the context to use it in.
other than that, a nice dose of lsd, or shrooms would work if the person was willing to confront their fears/anxieties/cause of the depression.
These would make the problem apparent, and if they where willing, would be able to work to fix the problem once the trip has ended.
Be very careful with psychedelics and depression, they don't mix well for everyone. I experienced a psychotic break on shrooms because I was not at all in the proper state of mind to be dosing on them. A day on suicide watch and a trip to the psychiatrist later, I'm having to rebuild my greenhouse since it was taken by the local special crimes unit. My psychological state is the only reason I'm not facing charges. The consequences of an irresponsible decision can be terrible, I got off lucky in this instance.

Be very careful in the decision you make, it can bite you in the ass.
Shroomery cultivator killing time while they work the bugs out. I'm happy to help with any cultivation questions you might have Smile
English is a second language so sorry if I missed some grammar -

That's easy - A deep study of the current research on SSRI's and on various failings of the human body mind show that Psilocybin is the one!
So first of all when a person goes on SSRI (selective Serotonin Re uptake Inhibitors) it take any where between 2 weeks to several months to see the hope return to their eyes.
Why??? Because Serotonin is the food our neurvous system needs to make it grow. So over that time a person is getting bathed in Serotonin and their neural system is repairing (Excito-toxins damage the nerve-system).
So once a persons neural dendrite field is repaired - shucks life's problems don't frustrate us leading to depression. the neural system just re-routes around the problems and comes up with creative solutions. Not so in the
neurally depleted individual.

So why Psilocybin and not Acid? Acid or LSD works like a Credit Card - it borrows from our natural storage tank of 5HTP in the brain (raphe nuclei) - thus you trip today and pay all week. People really used to get burned out from Cid.
That is where the term came from - if you take cid back to back you will cause your 5HTP ducts to suck up Dopamine in the 5HTP re-uptake valve - not good cause a neural toxin that kills dendrites. = Fried.

Psybin is a Cash Chemistry it renews your mind and all that DMT like molicule transforms from Psilocybin/Psilocin to massive levels of 5HTP (Serotonin) - this cause very rapid neural growth which is why so many of us just love to learn while on Psibin.
Put on some good tunes and see how the Spirit shows you all sorts of things... (Jah kindom).

- But yes, be careful - no one has every died from Psybin - but ego death if you get worried is scary stuff. Still its worth it if your suffering.

Dezarie - exhalt - YouTube
PS. Psilocybin can be used at levels far too low to detect any
change in persecption. Like a fingernail clipping will do for a whole day.
Take it in the morning or it will keep you from sleeping as well.

Over a 30 day period I've seen this cure Asama and other Serotonin disorders.
IBS, Colidius, learning disorders - Geez you'd think it was the original Tree of Life or something;-)
cannabis is an entheogen too!

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