We need help!
i hope to be making a donation soon, have to check on money b/c me, my wife and her son are moving back to florida next week and i know we are planning on having "spare" money :wink: so within the next couple weeks i should be able to do it, im not sure if i have any skills that could contribute much, but tampa florrida is where all my freaky friends are unlike PA, and shit loads of them!, so when i get down there ile see if i can help more.
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well i can donate my coding skills.

i can pretty much hook you up with anything you need.
html, css, php, sql, ajax?

Customized open source, fully curstom software?
Give me a heads up, and tell me what you need.

Yeah and those expenses...if you REALLY have these,

just leave this host?

I can get you hosting for 160 DOLLAR per YEAR!

Moderators, are moderators becaue they WANT TO,
there is never money involved. You like to do it, or don't and leave.
There are always others who are willing to moderate.

So me thinks a re orginization would pretty much do tha trick.

A small low traffic site like this can NEVER cost that much.
EVER Smile

You guys should get your shit together.


look at these:


They have medium to high traffic?
Thery NEED a dedicated server.
Their mod's, don't need money because they WANT todo what they do
because they like it!

You dont need a dedicated server for these few hits you get on psychonaut.
Sorry to say do, but there are no few 100 - 1000 hits a minute here Smile
A dedi is a waste of precious money for this place.

At least for the time being. When more users get here, and traffic grows,
revenue will grow with it and then you could consider upgrading
to a dedi.

You like it; i like it; we like it futuristic.
Ground_Control a écrit :Traffic is only one issue, another one is that we need to have root access. To install our own software, run backup's etc. And that we don't have to contact our provider for every change in your configuration.

A 10 euro per month hosting package is nice for some people but no option for us. Quality, speed, traffic simply costs something...

Our website is hosted at XS4all BTW: http://www.xs4all.nl/allediensten/eigen ... caties.php There is a server running mainly for psychonaut.

And another problem is the Joomla/phpBB software we currently use does put a heavy load on our server, actually there is no place for other serious websites on that server. New better software could probably solve this problem. Unless the community keeps growing like it does now.

We are currently investigating vBullutin with Drupal... Your coding skills will be greatly appriciated. Please PM if you would like to help (Dr. Leospace).

As for the employee costs: Moderators do not get payed, but in 2008 our small company (1200 BV) spended more than 500 hours to find advertisers, repair server/software, moderate moderators, answering email, making video's, backups, bring back lost post/users etc.

But fortunatelly we have received lots of offers for help last couple of days, so I expect we can also lower this costs...
Arcticpheonix a écrit :Who do I send it to if it turns out?

You can send it to info[AT]psychonaut[DOT]com

Oh and dennis: Your help is greatly appreciated. PM mysticwarrior and Dr. Leospace to ask what you can do.
-away for a while-

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Forkbender a écrit :
Arcticpheonix a écrit :Who do I send it to if it turns out?

You can send it to info[AT]psychonaut[DOT]com

Oh and dennis: Your help is greatly appreciated. PM mysticwarrior and Dr. Leospace to ask what you can do.

He can do a lot! Wink I already spoke to him. And like he said, the money won't be a problem. I rent even a reseller server by myself, and if it would be needed. I am willing to host it for free....
i want to help but currently have no bank account.. i am willing to search out online shops for advertising on here. what would be a "professional" sounding standard recommended invitation for them. like a body of text for the email, you know, so the message is clear and they can contact you easily?

perhaps put a flyer on the first page of the thread so people can copy/paste into the emails they're sending to online shops?
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other places i visit:
Thanks forkbender.

It's really great to see so many people willing to donate their time and skills to help the community.
The above post is my own personal opinion and is true to the best of my knowledge. If you disagree with it, be sure to post your opinion. If I got my facts wrong, feel free let me know, but be forewarned that I'll expect some proof. Wink
I'll definitely chip in soon as I get a chance..! Smile
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Ok so I have no money to buy food at the moment (I've taken to scouring the internet for sites like www.freestuffjunction.co.uk) but I'll put a link up on my facebook page. Is there a psychonaut facebook goup? May be a way to reach a bigger audience...
I do my job Big Grin
Hope it's help
I'd give you all my money, because I think this place is for intelligent and interesting people!
We might be able to do something really important here....

But anyways, my country's economy is Fu**ed......
and i have no job or money....wonder how i can survive the month even....
Check out my music! =)
excusez moi d ecrire en francais mais mes parents sont archi contre ce type de site et contre la drogue donc c est difficile pour moi de donner!
tu n'est pas seul avec ces parents!
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Donated again, 30 euro this time Big Grin
Travelling my mind!
Have no money now, and too noob to mod, but I can start putting the link on some sites and thinking up for some videos.

Edit: well, is there and official banner I can use for links? Or I just take the header, make it smaller and use that?
La comunità italiana si è spostata su psiconauti.net , unisciti a noi!
arimane a écrit :... is there and official banner I can use for links? Or I just take the header, make it smaller and use that?

That is a good question!

Yes there are some banners:

Link: http://psychonaut.com/images/psychonaut_468x60.gif
[Image: psychonaut_468x60.gif]

Link: http://psychonaut.com/images/psychonaut_234x60.gif
[Image: psychonaut_234x60.gif]

Link: http://psychonaut.com/images/psychonaut_button.jpg
[Image: psychonaut_button.jpg]

Link: http://psychonaut.com/images/psychonaut_160x35.gif
[Image: psychonaut_160x35.gif]

Link: http://psychonaut.com/templates/images/logo.png
[Image: logo.png]

Or to our YouTube channel
Link: http://psychonaut.com/images/psychonaut_channel.jpg
[Image: psychonaut_channel.jpg]

Feel free to download these images to your own server.
In this period I have to study, so I have some time to give to this forum and wouldn't be a problem to mod it, if it's needed how you say!

Big Grin

Let me know
La comunità italiana si è spostata su psiconauti.net , unisciti a noi!
as a mod/admin of two other phpBB boards ( one public and similiar size- the other "dark" and smaller) I'd say the hosting costs look about right. Its bloody expensive to maintain- and an absolute nightmare if you try and go cheap.

Will donate here shortly- though I really wish their was on option other then painpal :x
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Just made my donation.
You better bounce, rock, rollerskate.
I'm a programmer, and I know PHP and mySQL .. maybe I can help in some way? Let me know...

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