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Water drinking fatal to woman

Found this article in the newpaper this morning, I suggest a complete ban of all water: :roll:

Water drinking fatal to woman

A 28-year-old mother of three died from water intoxication hours after competing in a radio station contest to see which contestant could drink the most water without urinating, according to preliminary autopsy results released Saturday.

Water intoxication -- or hyponatremia -- occurs when sodium levels in the blood drop too low because someone has ingested too much water, excreted too much sodium or taken medications that sap important minerals from the body. The body's electrolyte balance is thrown off and the condition can lead to cardiac arrest, Smith said.

Full article: http://www.sacbee.com/101/story/107646.html
well that is nothing new.
Not the first time happening.
Last time I heard it it was like 6liters in 1 hour or 1and a half I think...
Never say Never
Yeah I read about that on Erowid, when it came to drinking too much water while taking E.
I'm shocked)) I've never thougt people can die because of water... o__0
Let's make water illegal! Tounge Smile Happywide
Consillium insepti ego sum...
No matter where you are, everyone is always connected
What is mind? Doesn't matter! What is matter? Never mind!
Toxica a écrit :
I'm shocked)) I've never thougt people can die because of water... o__0
Let's make water illegal! Tounge Smile Happywide


GOD damn water drinkers all the time bugh.
I think we should immediately ban water. It's obviously a dangerous drug because 1.) most people are addicted to it and 2.) it can kill you.

Just say NO to water!
The Gnomes have learned a new way to say hoooray!
Maybe we should put up a website to warn people about the dangers of water.
Something like this:

Pre-occupied, one-sided, factual wrong and sensational! That's what people like! :tear:

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