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Water Cured Weed?

Anyone ever had any water cured weed? I'm curious as to whether the cleanliness is worth the lack of flavor. Never tried it but I'm thinking in terms of health a lot more lately but I also love the taste of weed.
are you talking about bubble hash? Bubble has is the bomb not to many places sell it anymore with BHO being so popular
JFC !!! What a fuckin stupid idea !!!! ....... A lot of the high from grass comes from the THC acid ........ wich when heated gets changed into THC ....... thats why we have to cook grass so we can eat it ......... the heat decarboxylates the THC acid to THC ...........THC acid is water soluable = washing it kills the high .

The water also washes the rersins off the plants ........ so we would need to be very carefull not to throw ' the baby away with the bath water ' .

Last but no means least ......... washing grass to make ' hash' only makes sense with shit grass ......... because the water oxidises the ' hash ' =  It kills it .

Washing grass is only a last resort ..... to try to make shit grass better ....... or for making commercial ammounts .
If in doubt double the dose

"Its hard to be humble , when you`re as great as i am"

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