Update Psychonaut, searching for Moderators and Translators!
Hello Psychonauts,

Now that the new Psychonaut community is online for over a week, things are really beginning to fall into place. We asked your opinion about this community and we are currently working on some improvements to make this community more suitable for everyone’s needs. Of course we are still open to suggestions, these can still be sent through the contact screen or to the email address on the bottom of this message.

More and more experiences from Psychonauts all around the world are being submitted in the experiences section. Our Photo Gallery is getting filled with lots of interesting and funny pictures and the forum is also getting quite busy. This is where we need your help.

We still need moderators for some forums, especially in the German and Dutch forums but also for the others. If you are interested you can sent us a short message with some info about yourself and your motivation for moderating this particular forum. Please sent it either though the contact screen or by email.

We are also still searching for translators. We want to keep the community as international as possible and have chosen for the English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese languages. For the news and eventually also for other items it would be nice if there were some people who could translated form English messages into their own language so other members can also read it. If you are interested please sent an email to us either though the contact screen or sent us an email: info@psychonaut.com .

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