To Newly Registered Users, aka "Where's the PM function?"
In order to limit spam, scam as well as users who create an account for the sole purpose of dealing or asking for drugs by PM, this function is now disabled for every newly registered user until a number of 20 posts on the forum is reached (this number may change depending on the feedback received from this experiment).

This is new thing for the board and for myself, I've checked it and everything seems to be fine, but there ought to be some issues with it nontheless.

If you encounter any issue with this new system, please leave a message on this topic, or contact me via MSN.

Any other feedback would also be greatly appreciated.
Amazing, I had this idea last week but thought it would be impossible to implement. Not sure if this is technically possible, but what about making it impossible for someone to post a URL anywhere (on his profile page or posts) until he has contributed at least 20 posts? Or: if there are not too many new users every day, why not appoint one of the moderators to manually approve all new members? All the new member has to do is say hi in a way that proves he or she is an actual person and not a spambot.

Can I post here to get my count up? Tongue

I better add some input to stop my post being deleated now...

Unless you have some very vigilant mods willing to delete posts I think a based way would be better becasue it will stop people from spamming to get their post count up.
"Unless you have some very vigilant mods willing to delete posts "

you called?

Who do ANY of you think does the most outright deleting (without asking anyone) of spam, scam and crap?

Just point me at 'em

(by the way, Tiax, that was a great idea)

"condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance"

Albert Einstein
ive allready noticed abunch of generic "responses" to threads, obviosly made by spammers.

why the hell to they target this place so hard?
because they think we're rich dope dealers who are also stupid

"condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance"

Albert Einstein
Ok, so I got 20 posts, and still can't pm anybody. What gives? Has the number changed?
Even in or you don't need 20 posts to send pm's. I have some theories about this, but I better keep them to myself.
i gotta get my post count up ... again... who is the site administrator? i forgot my password to my old screen name back when they had us all change our passwords... and the email address i had associated with it has lapsed too! i had lots of posts and pretty decent report with some folks..
so I can't start a new thread either?
If there is a way I can start a new thread please let me know, I can't find the button anywhere on here to create a new thread. I don't wish to be disrespectful and hijack someone else's topic, but there are things I feel I need to bring to light here. In fact it should probably be in the political section of this forum. So how do I go about starting my own thread? Or do I have to make 20 posts before I can start my own thread?
This is so frustrating. I spent two hours of my life creating profile and posting on a really amazing thread something very dear to my heart, yet here I am now, With no profile and a bugging out site that keeps telling me that I am not signed in despite my username clearly at the top of the screen. Any other users experiencing this or am I the lucky winner of this special prize
What can't you do?

Warren : New topics are not allowed for new members.
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Ce qui importe avec l’expérience psychédélique, ou plus généralement spirituelle, ce n’est pas la vérité que l’on croit toucher du doigt, mais bien le chemin qu’elle nous fait parcourir sur notre rapport au soi, aux autres et à la vie.
How does a user with less than 20 posts start a new thread?
Hello everybody I'm new on this website.
I want to open a new post for some questions I have but don't know how ... :/
May someone help me please ? Smile
Thank you
how come I have no option to make a post ?

I don't get this thing where you need 20 whatevers just to share convo.. isn't this forum supposed to be about reaching out? Wondering how I am able to write and post what I would like to be shared?...
Yep, not seeing the point of a post limit for starting threads. I too want to share my Aya experience and am grinding through the post limit.

I'm new to the forum. Used to attend summer festivals such as Glastonbury and live near where the Castlemorton Rave happened years ago.

Really interested in reality and hyper space. I don't have the new age ideals I had before, I generally see things from a scientific point-of-view but I keep open-minded to new ideas.

I'm a proud dad and into music and design, currently a mature student at Uni.

Looking forward to getting involved.

Big Grin Truthseeker
haha, I'm loving the sarcastic 'wishful psychonaut' quote under my profile name. Big Grin Right that's 2/20 posts! Smile
Welcome truthseeker, hope you will find some genuine interest here. Smile
Seems like you didn't post in the adequate thread for your presentation, but, it s not a big deal...

EDIT: You can change the quote under your name, mine sound like old bitch, and it 's not sarcastic mrgreen
Un des enjeux du siècle Ici.
OOOOh la jolie maison Botmobil
" Le plus haut degré de tyrannie dans une société n’est pas l’exercice du pouvoir par les armes. Il réside dans la manipulation psychologique de la conscience, qui débouche sur le fait que la réalité est définie de telle façon que ceux qui la vivent, ne se rendent même pas compte qu’ils sont dans une prison. " Claude Rifat El-Sayed
Thank you.

Sorry I am just getting my head around where everything is. I will post again in the correct place.

OK I will change my quote then. Nice to meet you.

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