The ultimate answer to activate subconscious and live selective fictional realities??
I've been interested in this for a while. What if amobarbital and a stimulant combined with focused imagination can allow you to believe whatever you want to believe? Maybe Amobarbital combined with DMAA. Imagine what it would be like to live in any reality you can imagine for a few hours. Like traveling to another universe for a while. All the coolness of any videogame and television show and any cartoon and superpower imaginable. 8) What if Amobarbital, a stimulant(DMAA) and Propropranol would allow you to let go emotionally from the past. All of this would be like hypnosis without the creepy stereotypical bearded middle aged hypnosis guy with a pocket watch or the serious stern hypnosis woman with a russian accent. :lol:

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