The core of the matrix. We live in a perpetual nerf(too weak to resist C) generation!
The Matrix - Soundtrack | Clubbed to Death - YouTube Listen to this while reading for a more dramatic effect. 8) Nerf: to weaken or limit.
Matrix Original Soundtrack (1999) - YouTube The songs from the matrix
Too weak to resist C means Too weak to resist control. The perpetual nerf generation. The system doesn't want us to see the "purple pill" so to speak. The option between the red pill and the blue pill. They don't want us to become limitless or cure all diseases or even be indestructible one day. The people are perpetually nerfed. Nerfed! The classic example is the hippie. Why were they so insightful? It was psychedelics. Why were the other rebels successful at noble causes, the people cared more. Why were schools better a generation ago? people respected one another and parents got involved. Governments care only about short term payout and try to silence intellectual opinion. They want us to depend solely on the system. Free will doesn't truly exist to an appreciable extent. Here's one example of what they don't publicize. BBC News - Modified ecstasy 'attacks blood cancers' Possible cure for blood cancer? Seems so. Here's another example. 2C-D nootropic - YouTube There's evidence about 2C-D being used as a nootropic and 2C-I being used as a safe stimulant at low doses. Then Rob Portman and other countries come along to patch up the glitches and hacks in the matrix. There's also the issue of places where one doesn't truly own the land they buy. There's the YouTube thing where they ruined it. New YOUTUBE Channel Layout Design 2013... SUCKS!! - YouTube This move was done to fuel isolation and kill creativity. Schools nerf creativity. Organizations nerf semi-synthetic(half nature, half synthetic) and natural molecules and certain synthetics and replace it with excess consumerism and 60% to 90% of the pharmaceuticals that are flawed. They also don't want people to know about the metal that gets soft and squishy and can get tough again. Switching it Up: Metals Change Material Properies at Will | Gadgets, Science & Technology The system also kill tribes that know some secrets. Everywhere there are secrets. The system patches the glitches and hacks. They constantly make laws to close glitches and hacks that benefit the health and free will of individuals, yet spend billions of dollars keeping elite and mega-elite loopholes open. They turn us into batteries. Mere batteries! I don't want to be a battery, we all don't. Revolution usually fake works and rarely works for real for the interest of society. Rebellion is like a bunch of worms going up against a falcon or massive eagle. The only way is through getting an education first, then figuring out how to exploit the remaining glitches and hacks in the system, and anything else that may fit in to the emerging state of evolution. The system use divide and conquer and possibly order out of chaos. The system has to reorganize every random period of time in order to get closer to their goal. When a glitch closes, another one opens. During the time of reorganization, there are always glitches and hacks exposed. An illustration of such an idea 50 moves ahead of you bitch! - YouTube There will always be newer glitces and hacks. As long as the system doesn't find out, our evolution can take place where we can change from mere worms to 5 mile long anacondas that carry a sort of hivemind and devour any bird that stands up against us. Secret evolution can greatly reinforce our ability to resist. We also need the confidence and not be too afraid of what others may think. Fitting in is the system mind, secret evolution is just starting to emerge and may be the hivemind. It's like evolve first, then continual revolution could work. They don't want us to find out about normal plants having curative properties either. Not even the secrets that some alchemists discovers about certain elements helping us. I am merely a collector of information. I wish to evolve to an infinite level where I can finally restructure the matrix to benefit the right side up peace and maybe become indestructible and more confident. Henry Giroux on 'Zombie' Politics - YouTube The shocking part of the rabbit hole is that this is barely the tip of the iceberg. The other part is that if we don't have the resources to create, take advantage of, or combine good glitches into a superglitch, the glitch is useless and may one day be patched. At least there's a couple of glitches that the system can NEVER patch up. Dip your hand in molten lead without being burnt! - YouTube Hand in molten lead. 8) Maybe I care too much about the matrix. Perhaps it's one of the reasons I'm an observer of it. This is the right side up peace sign. There are also semi-glitches that sometimes work and sometimes don't work. And hacks and semi-hacks. All in real life. We are constantly having our potential weakened or limited. Constantly.
I don't like writing in essay format. I like the wall of text! It feels more free. 8)
They want to prevent us from reaching our full potential and don't want us to use biochemical engineering to help achive our maximum.
Are they afraid of people achieving massive power and unity like the hypothetical futuristic situation of church of trek?
In conclusion, we are constantly having our potential weakened or limited. We are a perpetually nerfed society. That's why they get rid of debate teams. So we don't notice or at least not care.
dear swimchem,

i hope i can give you a more or less good answer. i think it`s somewhat alarming lol... to begin with i can say i have experienced stupid shit like that in my own life as well and can relate to and somewhat confirm the overwhelming feelings of senselessness. furthermore i guess it`s probably also just based on observing the world and for example "everyday life" or so whatever that may be or seem to be or other shit. this being said it should be relatively obvious that it`s pointing a bit in the direction of illusions.. :Oo:
i would say there are personal, subjective and group, collective illusions and maybe also many other kinds of illusions and combinations.. who really knows???
it`s clear to me that you are pointing out the extreme of the system and the insanity of control which we, the normal people basically shouldn`t be taking for granted at all.
but i can say to you, there are also many good people on the planet, who are really trying to give their best!!! maybe don`t forget that.. because i have experienced the extreme negative sides as well in my own life, at times i couldn`t really see the positive side and the good people anymore etc etc... :Oo:
so this is somewhat the crucial point here... because if we give too much attention to the stupid people through lower frequency emotions like fear, they get power like that...
it`s something we must learn with time and experience... i just tell you.. don`t make yourself mad like that, please!!! or maybe take a middle way, if you know the real god is on your side. not sure how to explain that now and i don`t know exactly know how your situation really is... maybe try to see shit for what it really is or for what it`s really not. try to test the feeling of your own perspective, whether it`s more intelligent or stupid.
maybe not all other people don`t always tell exclusively shit... sometimes it can also be a mix and then you have to filter the information properly.
and what i can dearly recommend you to do, is to try to look within ... or better .. don`t try to look within, but really look within...know what i mean lol?! and if you have found the direction that seems to point into the right direction or another concept or so( maybe for instance who are you really??), then consider the way you have been going in the past, how much and/or how you have liked your ways and/or not liked your ways and why... what you can do now.. etc.. try to become aware more and more of the observer of the thought process or so... maybe for example "don`t think you are, know you are". Wink
so... hmmm.... yeah the elemental thing is simply to really look within... because all the shit you say is or seemingly is in the external world, but maybe you simply need to be looking more within ... maybe for example sometimes think about waking up, but at other times rather try to "just wake up"... has it become like a dream?? how much are you aware of time and of your subjective time so to say and how time can be very psychological and how can you use all that ideas in a good way?
anyway now... another thing i can say watch your feelings a little bit... if you feel sad, just allow yourself to feel sad in order to not become fake, but maybe there is something comparable with happiness?i don`t know for sure myself yet... or are you happy and sad, angry and sad... or other combinations?? i guess i have to think a little bit more about all that. btw i am also sad, that so many people are so much victims of society... however i don`t want to give up. laugh at people who are too retarded, but try to laugh at them more or less nicely...
in addition to that there are a lot of other people who feel the same or at least similar. just don`t be a victim and notice when you are being a victim, but also don`t overanalyze too much.
body language and stuff like that can say more than you may think sometimes... can`t really explain it very well now... and also watch your thoughts and try to get a rough feeling or so for the energy of the thoughts, because of telepathy... it`s a waking up call!! free youur mind!!
i`m with you, in the sense that we`re against the machine people and the obvious and subliminal de-humanisation. furthermore i would say god is with you, too... so try to understand what and how god could be saying something to you. alright now, i really hope everything will be alright. don`t worry too much, if at all, but also don`t be stupid. shit can be changed... with the real god, anything is possible!!! and god is good!!!! so just be yourself and don`t be too afraid. may god and the force be with you!!!! :retard: Wink

i'm so disgusted by the world of today.. Sad
Thanks so much with this fantastic new web site. I'm very fired up to show it to anyone. It makes me so satisfied your vast understanding and wisdom have a new channel on the world.I was searching for the stuff that is unique and speechles. I am come a cross to your site and found

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