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Before I start, If You are here because of title about ego-death, this is not it, there was some sort of error with title,this thread is about stimulants.[INDENT]I saw there are quite a lot threads about this at french part of this board..[/INDENT]
So do you do or have done stimulants? For those who don't know or are too lazy to google stimulants(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stimulant) ,those are all drugs from caffeine to coke and meth and everything in between.
I lately was put on low dose(10mg at morning) of ritalin. So I naturaly, have curiousity about this topic.
Do you mix them with psy's like to take more speedy psy's(I have felt that 2c-e and other 2c's are quiet stimulantish on the side of psychedelic effects,but thats another story),or maybe use them to get out, of heveanous,sort of good kind of apathy, after the psychedelics use,back in rat race?
AND MAIN QUESTION-How we can put stimulants to use, in psychonauty, besides coming out of the dive?( I think 'Dive' is more apropriate term in psychonauty than 'trip') and should we even try? I think it takes tourough investigation of most stimulants and their properties even most obscure ones. That have to happen, both theoreticaly and in practice, so due to this lack of knowledge, and expierience or reports on expieriences, exactly in context of psyconauty, or atleast in psychology and psychoterapy(I would even go as far and say psychonautics, should be used in these disciplines I guess they already have name for that-psychedelic therapy), I have no real opinion on that.
No matter what type of drug You take, try your best to take them responsibely,im not here to judge You-"oh u junky snorting,coke shooting heroin yadda yadda" Im just thinking that,besides psychedelics or in combination, with them, other types of drugs can be used too in controled amounts in psychonautics, of course it is not easy task too-to keep hard opiate/stimulant use down and responsible.
Anyway thoughts,expieriences and ideas of usage of stimulants in psychonautics!
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-Carl Von Clausewitz
Not 4 me
I'll list some safe stimulants. The safe stimulants are: Propylhexedrine, Cyclohexylaminopropane, Cyclopentamine, Cyclopentylaminopropane, Dimethylamylamine, Thiopropamine, Prolintane, Methiopropamine, Isopropylamphetamine, 2C-I (at sub-psychedelic doses, it exibits stimulant type effects and cognitive enhancing effects), phenylpiracetam, phenylpiracetam hydrazide, tametraline, indanetraline, ect. By far, prolintane is one of the best and the safest stimulant which is pretty effective and increases productivity. Though stimulants can't be used more than a few times a week due to a few side effects becoming apparent and also sleep disturbances.
Stay cool! 8)
type effects and cognitive enhancing effects), phenylpiracetam, phenylpiracetam hydrazide, tametraline, indanetraline, ect. By far, prolintane is one of the best and the safest stimulant which is pretty effective and increases productivity. Though stimulants can't be used more than a few times a week due to a few side effects becoming apparent and also sleep disturbances.

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Caffeine makes me feel invincible and make it almost impossible to feel sad or stay on one-single train of thought I have been frequently experimenting with it and hope to find out more.
...Nothing is more important.
Nothing really matters.
Though stimulants can't be used more than a few times a week due to a few side effects becoming apparent and also sleep disturbances.???
Let's rate the effective productive energy of stimulants.
Also, caffeine is technically a fatigue perception reducer. Hydrafinil(fluorenol) is a powerful wakefulness enhancer(eugeroic), but works best in combination with stimulants and nootropics.
💊 Caffeine: ⚡ to ⚡⚡⚡ one to three lightning bolts.
💊 Prolintane: ⚡⚡ to ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡.
💊 Phenylpiracetam Hydrazide: ⚡ to ⚡⚡⚡⚡ lightning bolts.
💊 DMAA (dimethylamylamine): ⚡ to ⚡⚡ lightning bolts? It's mostly adrenaline gym energy which is not functional outside of a gym setting.
💪 to 💪💪💪 adrenaline based gym performance increase. Then comes creatine and protein and other stuff.

Maybe amphetamine might have like twenty lightning bolts or something.

Sunifiram also seems interesting.
I think it's rather imprecise and dangerous to do that, I'd prefer not.
Mes trips reports : The Death of Utopia, The Begining of the Dream

Le lâcher prise, c'est accepter de redevenir un enfant.
Ce qui importe avec l’expérience psychédélique, ou plus généralement spirituelle, ce n’est pas la vérité que l’on croit toucher du doigt, mais bien le chemin qu’elle nous fait parcourir sur notre rapport au soi, aux autres et à la vie.
The best combo would be an MAO-I and a low dose of either methiopropamine, or fluoromodafinil.
Though fluoromodafinil isn't a stimulant. It's a wakefulness enhancer. Methiopropamine's a stimulant.
With MAO-I's like rasagiline and moclobemide, the dose of stimulants must be kept lower.
Also, it would be good to take hydroxytyrosol acetate and a little memantine.
B vitamins, caffeine, and ashwagandha can help too.
It's good to take a break from stimulants sometimes.
NSI-189 can cause neurogenesis.

[B]Antidepressant Drug Interactions

Most psychostimulants such as amphetamine and methylphenidate have the potential to interact
adversely with antidepressants based on serotonergic, noradrenergic and pharmacokinetic mechanisms.

Serotonergic Drug Interactions

Serotonergic drugs have the ability to interact with psycho stimulants, especially MDMA, to produce symptoms of serotonin toxicity.
No case reports describe these interactions, but they may potentially cause drug interactions with a range of things,
such as St John’s wort, Tramadol, pethidine or triptans.
[/SIZE]Antipsychotic Drug Interactions

Antipsychotics antagonize the effects of dopamine at the D2 receptor. Concurrent use of psychostimulants such as methamphetamine and antipsychotics may reduce the effect of either agent which is dependent on the actual dose of each agent. You will find that some studies suggest that cocaine users experience a greater incidence of antipsychotic-induced acute dystonias than non-cocaine users. Another report described the ongoing use of cocaine and clozapine may lead to increased cocaine serum concentrations but will reduce psychoactive and pressor effects.

Antipsychotics Drug Interactions

All psycho stimulants may increase blood pressure and cant counteract the therapeutic effect of anti hypertensive medication.
Patients with hypertension who also use psycho stimulants may find it harder to achieve adequate control of their blood pressure
due to the interaction of these two drugs.

Urinary Alkalinizer Drug Interactions

Alkaline urine increases amounts of unionised amphetamine, which then permits increased tubular reabsorption.
This effect may increase the half-life from 7-12 hours to 18-34 hours for methamphetamine or from seven to 16-31 hours for MDMA

Anticonvulsant Drug Interaction

Methamphetamine, MDMA, and cocaine lower the seizure threshold, and may cause seizures.
Use of these inhibitors should be avoided in individuals with seizure disorders. Of these drugs,
cocaine poses the greatest risk of drug-induced seizures. Ongoing use of cocaine and carbamazepine
may lead to substantial elevations in blood pressure and heart rate, although this effect is not consistently reported.

[SIZE=5]Hepatotoxic Drug Interaction

Growing evidence suggests that MDMA may be hepatotoxic. Concurrent use of MDMA and hepatotoxic medication
such as methotrexate may theoretically increase the risk of adverse hepatic effects. The risk of hepatotoxicity from other
psychostimulants has not been determined

[/SIZE]Tobacco/Nicotine Drug Interactions

Smoking methamphetamine in combination with tobacco creates the pyrolysis product cyanomethylmethamphetamine, which may possess stimulant properties. The potential toxicity of this product has not been established. Smoking is not a predominant route of amphetamine administration in Australia. Psychostimulants may act as behavioral stimulants, increasing the rate of learned behavior. This may lead to increases in some cigarettes smoked and the total amount of tobacco consumed. Cocaine and nicotine produce a synergistic effect on dopamine release in the reward areas of the brain. Cocaine and nicotine may also exert synergistic effects on myocardial oxygen supply, arterial pressure, and cardiac contractility. Since nicotine, like cocaine, is a risk factor for cardiac disease, it is thought that smoking may increase the incidence of cardiac complications arising from cocaine use.
Ethanol Drug Interactions

Combined use of ethanol and psychostimulants may reduce the subjective effects of ethanol, and produce greater increases in blood pressure than when either drug is taken alone. Stimulants do not reverse ethanol-related performance deficits. Alcohol may slow methamphetamine metabolism and may increase serum concentrations of MDMA by 9-15%; the mechanism of these changes is unclear. Concurrent use of alcohol and cocaine use may increase the risk of cardiovascular toxicity which may result from the formation of an active, ethanol-induced metabolite, cocaethylene, which is more reinforcing than cocaine, and potentially more toxic.

Heroin Drug Interactions
Benzodiazepines, alcohol, other opioids and other sedatives: alcohol and sedatives interact with heroin synergistically to produce greater respiratory depression. Hypotension, profound sedation or coma may occur. Research indicates that heroin used in combination with benzodiazepines, alcohol or sedative medication is more likely to trigger a fatal heroin overdose compared to heroin use alone. If such combinations are unable to be avoided, heroin users should be advised to use smaller doses of heroin in the presence of other individuals who can monitor for, and respond to, signs of overdose. It is unclear whether less potent sedatives such as antihistamines or valerian can increase the risk of overdose.

[B]Naltrexone Drug Interactions

Naltrexone competitively antagonizes the mu opioid receptor which is the primary site of action for heroin and other opiates.
Use of naltrexone during regular or dependent heroin use may trigger a severe opioid withdrawal syndrome. Patients should be heroin-free for at least seven days before initiating naltrexone.

Panax Ginseng Drug Interactions

Animal studies suggest that Panax ginseng can counteract the analgesics and other effects of opiates. MAOIs: It has been suggested that use of MAOIs with central nervous system (CNS) depressants, including opioids, may result in hypotension and exaggeration of the CNS and respiratory depressant effects.

Hallucinogenic Drug Interaction
Hallucinogens can include a broad range of synthetic drugs such as acid or LSD and plant-based substances such as psilocybin, more commonly known as magic mushrooms. Interactions – Antidepressants: small studies in LSD users suggest that chronic use of TCAs and lithium may increase subjective effects of LSD.
Known drug interactions include antidepressants. There are studies that show that chronic use of TCAs and lithium may increase subjective effects of LSD, whereas chronic use of SSRIs and MAOIs, may reduce the subjective effects of LSD. Most hallucinogens act on all serotonergic systems, so use when taking LSD with serotonergic drugs.

Gamma Hydroxybutyrate Drug Interactions

Gamma hydroxybutyrate is also known as GHB, fantasy, or liquid ecstasy and has known drug interactions with sedative drugs. The sedative effects of GHB are likely to increase by ongoing use of other CNS depressants. Some deaths reported such drug interactions with alcohol. One case report describes near fatal CNS depression occurring in a man using GHB in combination with ritonavir and saquinavir. He had used similar and higher doses of GHB in the past without other meds and no ill effects so their is a clear interaction between the two.

Amyl Nitrite Drug Interactions

[/B][/B][/B]Amyl nitrite with interact with ********** with ongoing use of nitrates.
This mixed with ********** can lead to potentially fatal hypotension.[B][B][B]

[B]Volatile Substance Drug Interactions

Volatile substances such as petrol, fuels, glue, aerosol propellants, paint thinners, among other solvents do not seem to have any drug interaction although specific toxicity profiles vary substantially between agents.

Source: https://detect-kit.com/drug-interaction-guide/[/B][/B][/B][/B]
the interaction of Phenibut with analgesics have any side effects??
edit: Yes

(phenibut may cause dependence; try with Kava-Kava or L-Teanina or (if it's legal where you live) Kratom!!)
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