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Standardized vs. Regular Salvia Extract

I have been looking around at different sites to buy salvia extract from as the shop near my house that had it has recently been shut down and have noticed that some sites advertise that they have a standardized extract, i've heard from some people that this means that it is stronger but not from any sources i would consider reliable, what does it mean if an extract is standardized and is it really stronger or is that just a marketing ploy
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It either means that each dose / batch is the same weight with the same amount on it wich is normal or its just adverts .
If in doubt double the dose

"Its hard to be humble , when you`re as great as i am"

I have seen several studies where researchers (using university equipment) tested a bunch of different commercially bought "standardized" salvia extracts. They found that every single one of them has considerably lower than the stated salvinorin content. Many where far lower than advertized, like they were selling ~3X as 20X...

So the point is, don't trust the people selling it to you... they can call it whatever they want and have no fear of legal consequences. I'm sure there's some sellers out there that are honest and do sell real "standardized" extracts, but I get the impression that many do not. It is also possible that they honestly do think they are selling quality extracts but their extraction technique is faulty and they're losing lots of the salvinorin. It is a very hard thing to quantify without some very expensive equipment.

Personally I don't trust any of them, so I get plain dried salvia leaf and extract it myself, so I know it's done right. But only try this if you know what you're doing..[/i]
'so I get plain dried salvia leaf and extract it myself'

A shop in town sells the a bag of Salvia leaves. It's a big bundle. It's abut 12 bucks, but I personally thing extracting Salv. A from it is complex. I know you need chilled acetone and you soak it, wash it in something and do other things. I'm no chemist so this is all beyond my head. However, if you do extract it don't use a bunch of leaves. I'm not sure how a trip off of 900x would be. Likely way too intense for anyone to handle. Who knows.

Good luck though. Let us know how it goes if you decide to do it. Upside_down
Everything makes sense now!
I'm currently in the process of extracting 80g of dried leaf. The bag was is huge because the stuff is so light! I should have the finished product in a couple days if all goes well. The extraction is not too hard, there's lots of literature out there about it.

900x! Tounge Unfortunately that's impossible. In case you didn't know the "x" system works like this: generally plain leaves contain about 2.5mg salvinorin per gram of dry plant (0.25% Salv-A). So when you extract it and then put the extracted salvinorin back into a smaller amount of leaf, you multiply the salv-A content per gram. Thus 10x is theoretically 25mg/g (2.5%), 100x being 250mg/g (25% Salv-A!), so 900x would 225% salv-A which is obviously not possible.

As I said in another thread, people have vaporized and inhaled pure salv-A before. As long as you measure the dose right, it shouldn't be much different than 10x except for the lack of smoke. So I don't see how a higher "x" value would be more intense if you correctly measure the amount. Of course as you get higher "x" values it gets harder to measure accurately..
'900x! Unfortunately that's impossible.'

Haha, I know. I was just making a silly point.

I'm sure though that there's gatta be a high extract than 100x. I know little of extracting (doing a bit of research before I attempt to do so), but I'm sure it's quite possible to add enough mg's of Salv A back into the leaf to have a very high extract. It might be toxic, I'm not sure. If it's 100x, that should be quite enough for a good journey.

I prefer chewing the leaf though. It's quite bitter, but the experience lasts longer for me. It's odd though, not every time you smoke, or chew Salvia D means that you'll trip. I've smoked 100x and not had much more than my body feeling heavy/hot with uncomfortable feelings of euphoria; while other times I've smoked the same extract and I'm blasted into Sally's world. Reverse tolerance is an issue, yes-- but you'd think that once you had a breakthrough trip that it would be the same every time.

On a side note: I dried out a bit of Salvia officinalis (Garden sage) , and smoked a bit of the leaf to test its effects (I wanted to see if there was any link to Salv A being in Sage plants besides Salvia. D.) My body got very hot and slightly heavy. I know only Salvia A contains Salv. A, but the effects of Salvia officinalis was quite similar to the effects of Salvia D. It wasn't psychoactive whatsoever, but my body felt hot. The feeling went away within 4 mins.
This makes me wonder if every Sage plant contains a bit of Salv A, Salv D, being the strongest producer of Salv A in the genus. :confused:
Everything makes sense now!
It seems to me that there wouldn't be much point in making extracts much higher the 30 or 40x... I mean, if you're going to use 100x that has 25% salv-A in it, why even bother putting the leaf material in at all?

I wonder if it might be easier to make a concentrated salv-A solution in acetone that has a known mg/drop content, and then drop it onto blotter papers or pieces of some other absorbent paper? That would allow accurate dosing, and then you could just smoke one piece of paper rather than trying to estimate the correct amount of concentrated leaf. It seems to me it would be easier, not having to deal with the "x" system, you could simply know there is a certain number of milligrams on each piece of paper. If you wanted a more intense experience you could simply smoke (or maybe chew) more than one paper. Maybe I'll try it..
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If in doubt double the dose

"Its hard to be humble , when you`re as great as i am"

I found many of them who bought standardized salvia extracts has the content lower than the mentioned salvinorin. Large number of people advertise, but they were selling 10x as 20x.

Do not trust the customers who are selling it to you, there are few honest customers from them you can buy salvia real standardized extracts. Large amount of salvinorin is losses if you are using the extraction technique. Instead of trusting others you can get the extract from the salvia leaf, if it is done right.

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