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Salvia "sage extract" 10x 1/2 gram

Hello all of you!

i was just wondering, after all those great stories ive been hearing and reading..

i bought this today and just took 2 big hits.

ive seen people who take this going into another dimension..

but all i feel is.. yeah, well. just like allways.. just chill
where's the real buzz?

i mean, ive done sclerotia cosmic connectors 8 times in two months
is this what it has done to me? am i now some kind of immune?

looks like my engines are still intact, i can even go through the registering process and start typing my **** story here..

i really would like to know how long it takes before it starts to REALLY work.. caus this sucks man Frown

anyway, im going to smoke the whole half of gram that is left and see what happens..

please some more info.. and sorry i didnt read any of your stories on this forum yet.. i will now.

see you !!

(whiii :bear: )
haha wat me net overkwam..

ik heb lekker wat erwten soep gegeten.

daarna lekker weer ervoor gaan zitten, dus mn pijpje gevuld en steek hem aan.. ik weet niet hoe of wat.. maar het ontplofte.. en nu is mn screen weg.. hoe raar is dat Tounge

blijkbaar moest ik de power niet onderschatten en het gewoon rustig aan doen. volgende keer beter Happywide

maar dan 20x

erg verrrrrrassende avond!

chill ze allemaal!

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