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SUGGESTION: Flying Ointment

This is a suggestion to Azarius:
Flying Ointment : there are some recipes on the net which most often involve belladonna. Or at least I have read some up to the date.
The skin/ointment is not so dangerous as ingesting it, so a flying ointment would fit perfectly on the psychonaut scennario. And as far as I am concerned is perfectly legal.
An Hint for the experimental research expert:
There are medicines for eyes-doctors which contain atropina, the active compound of belladonna.
As you probably know the belladonna flowers aren't to be used without conciderable research and extreme caution. What would be a standard dose of this "flying ointment" you speak of ? Wouldn't it also depend where the ointment is applied ? ... :think:
Love Heart can still win out...peace :sunflower:
you apply the ointment everywhere besides your balls and dick as well.I could never trust a bitch like atropine to suck my penis
Doesn't seem very safe or precise to say the least...but hey neither was that pixie dust Peter Pan gave to those kids that jumped out the window...but have go at it and tell us how ya land.. :lolwsign:
Love Heart can still win out...peace :sunflower:

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