Psychonaut is doing VERY well - Mods needed
Hellow all!

We're proud to inform you that since 1-1-2007 our visitors numbers have doubled from 15.000 unique visitors to over a 30.000 :finga: So the psychonaut community is growing! Every day we welcome new members. And I can honestly say that all of you are doing a great job in showing the world how beautiful the psychonautic experience can be... :prayer:

This also means that we would like to have a bigger crew, to help us keep the forum the nice, open and friendly place it is now. So if you like to help moderating one of the forums, especially in the english section, send me a PM !
Thanks for the responses so far :thumbsup:

More help is still needed to fill up some positions (that are now taken by me - cuz I won't be here anymore soon Cry )
Why do you all think that the site has got such a boost , that since 1-1-2007 the visitors numbers have doubled from 15.000 visitors to over a 30.000 = doubling in the last 9 months ??? What has changed here ??? Why are there more intelligent users writing more posts than ever before here ??? Why didnt those people come here before ??? Why has the kiddy crap stopped ???

I`m not asking you to answer those questions , but if you do please dont tell me why not , tell me why ???
If in doubt double the dose

"Its hard to be humble , when you`re as great as i am"
I'm not sure. I think it's a snowball effect. Good info and nice people attract more and more people.

Thanks for the positive reply ,

Thats exactly what i think to .

What about a graph showing the number of visitors since the site started ?????
It would be interesting to see .
If in doubt double the dose

"Its hard to be humble , when you`re as great as i am"
A graph would be nice!

It's cool how I've witnessed this forum blossom, I don't know how it was before the "re-model" but it sure is awesome now.
It seems I've been hanging around here since April 5 this year, initially as Pinealjerker.

Citation :More help is still needed to fill up some positions (that are now taken by me - cuz I won't be here anymore soon)

Not at all, or just less frequent? Sad Is there any way I can help out? :wink:
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I wonder... could it be that the rest of the world is waking up to the possibility of joy in the immaterial?
Paradoxes? Where?
It's basically because of the flow of information, as well as the highly improved signal to noise ratio. Sometimes a little controversy isn't a bad thing, either...

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i wonder how and when this is going to end :?

let's hope that's a distant future Smile
as we separate and compare

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