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Psychedelic Party

Hi folks! I'm very interested in psychedelics but feel often to be the only one with this interest. In my daily life discussions on "drugs" are strictly forbidden and my passion has to be carefully hidden both for my parents and collegues. Although I have experienced some psychedelic drugs, I'm not a regular user and never will be. My interest is mainly academic and I see the use of psychedelics as research.

Lately, I was thinking of going to a psychedelic party to enjoy the oneness with other researchers and to be able to talk freely about past experiences. What kind of parties are recommended? I have never taken any psychelics in a party atmosphere, except for ecstacy which I don't regard as a true psychedelic.

I have read about the Voov experience in Germany and consider to go there. I wonder if it would be possible to meet other Azarius friends in Germany?

For Research Use Only
well...? psychedelic trance maybe? aka Psytrance or Goa(trance)
If you go to VooV, be assured to be overwhelmed with psychedelix :grin: I remember taking my girlfriend to VooV, which was her first psytrance party (by the way, they don't get ANY better than that) and nowadays we always go together.
Try it, you'll enjoy it. If you're from holland: try www.goatrance.nl or if you're belgian: www.psychedelic.be

Good luck! Questions are always welcome... :jump:
Snaap, his psychic sidekick and the funky funghi fuse views
I made up my mind and convinced my girlfriend, our first psychedelic party will be the Voov! The idea of being overwhelmed with psychedelics and meet other explorers sounds great.

Voov experience here we come! :dancing:

Thanks for the links!

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