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Welcome to Psychonaut!

You’ve just entered the Psychonaut forums.

Just to keep this forum enjoyable for everyone a few rules have to be announced. We don’t like scrolling through endless pages of this stuff ourselves, so we just keep it brief and basic. By registering at and using this forum you acknowledge and agree to these rules, just as to our disclaimer.

Read them carefully and be aware that they could be modified any time. Thank you!


No double posting
Make sure you are not double posting, only post if your question has not been answered already; use the search button.

Mind your language
Check carefully for spelling and grammar. Do not use Caps Lock. Neither do we tolerate objectionable language.

No spamming, flaming or trolling
Don't make posts that are inflammatory just to annoy people. We do not appreciate it if you create multiple accounts for this or any other reason.

Respect the privacy of others. Do not post phone numbers, addresses, pictures, etc. other than your own, without permission.

No advertizing
This forum is not meant for advertising, selling or buying. Posts with data considering these activities, such as prizes, will be deleted. Do not use commercial links in your footer text.

No illegal substances
Members offering or requesting illegal substances will be banned and put upon our IP blacklist.

No double accounts
Create and use only one account. Use a valid email-address for your account.

Breaking any of the rules may result in a warning or in the worst case finding your account deleted immediately.

If you find a post or receive a PM is in conflict with these rules, please report it to a moderator or administrator. We are thankful that you are helping us keeping an alive and respectful environment.

Rules for our advertisers

Sponsors advertise through our banner program. Of course they may also participate on the forum, as long as they abide by the following rules:

1) Do not put commercial links, such as a link to your shop, in your footer text (your signature).

2) If you want to offer free samples or have another interesting offer, you can write a post about it in the section. Do not use other sections of the forum to promote your products or services.
[SIZE=2]New rules addition 12.23.2013

Restrictions for the new members

No PM access until 20 messages

In order to avoid legal issues and keep Psychonaut open we must ensure that nobody is signing up in order to ask or offer illicit substances, this is why this functionality has been restricted to new members.
Unable to create new threads until 5 messages
The spam on the English section is a plegue and a pain to read and remove multiples times per day. This is why new members cannot create their own threads before they reach 5 messages count.
We are aware this is very restrictive, but please understand we have yet no other means to fight the tremendous amount of spam we get everyday. General threads such as this introduction thread will be made as much as possible so the new members willl always have a place to ask their questions.

Flooding in order to increase the post count quickly will get you banned so please don't rush.

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