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I terpeni (o terpenoidi)

Talking Terpenes | High Times

Per quelli che masticano poco l'inglese, qui viene spiegato ma in modo piu' superficiale:
Una panoramica sui Terpenoidi presenti nella Cannabis - FreeWeed

β-cariofillene: un terpene della Cannabis con potenzialitÃ* per trattamento di Ansia e Depressione - FreeWeed

[Image: terpenes2.jpg]
"But how can the one liberate the many? By first liberating his own being. He does this not by elevating himself, but by lowering himself. He lowers himself to that which is simple, modest, true; integrating it into himself, he becomes a master of simplicity, modesty, truth. Completely emancipated from his former false life, he discovers his original pure nature, which is the pure nature of the universe. Freely and spontaneously releasing his divine energy, he constantly transcends complicated situations and draws everything around him back into an integral oneness. Because he is a living divinity, when he acts, the universe acts." Lao Tzu

"It’s too early for a science. What we need now are the diaries of explorers. We need many diaries of many explorers so we can begin to get a feeling for the territory." T. McKenna

"The man who dies before he dies, does not die when he dies." A. a Sancta Clara

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