I Lost All Faith in Humanity This Past Weekend.
I live in PA and we just got hit with a monstrous blizzard. Maybe I am being a bit critical... Maybe everyone tried their best... But, the level of stupidity and incompetence has completely destroyed all faith in humanity that I once had. Don't get me wrong, it was hanging by a thread to begin with, but that thread has been severed.

I'm 35 and I've seen a bit in my day. I've always held on to this childlike innocence, maybe it was just naivety, but I always tried to see the good in people.

They always let me down, but I tried!

I understand Jesus is hanging on a cross and he screams out, "Forgive them Lord, they're just a bunch of f#$#ing idiots!"

I've always been a contrarian, out of the hope that I might stir the stagnant cesspool of humanity... But, my arm is getting tired and I see no life crawling out of the ooze...

Is there any hope at all??
If you can rekindle your stands then im sure there is hope
Change your surrounding and people you deal with, if you can't change your view of them.
Higher doses of psylocibin (5+ grams dried shrooms) can help you with that.

Have faith in universe/nature's intelligence !
I often found myself wondering the same recently...Is this it? "Hope is the confusion of a desire for a thing for its probability". The world has no preordained meaning in my opinion but you can make a temporary illusion of a purpose.

I hope you have found peace...if all else fails blaze away
Humanity is a virus, every human is god, God is child God who never grew up in the pure realm. fell from the heavens became fallen, hit his head got amnesia, cried which became the Bigbang and all the water .

focus on training in the Pure Realms.

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