How To Delete Profile?
How do I delete my profile?
You can't, and we won't.

The closest thing we can do for you is changing your accounts name.
You are unwilling to erase my profile? Why?

Anyways, if you're willing to change the name, let's do that; when should I tell you the name I would want to change it to?
You don't have access to PM yet, so I guess you can just give the new name here and I'll delete this topic ASAP once it is done.
Could someone please remove my profile or change username into gibberish? Thank you.
[Image: oie_2022450lc_Wv_PZSO.jpg]
oh shit your in the basket of eggs brother, go hide in the closet I will text you when the coast is clear....................
Why is our proifle not allowed to be deleted....seems a little sketchy to me...

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