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Great optical illusion

[Image: jamesk_illusion.jpg]

Found it on Dosenation with the following post.

Stare at the center of any of the circles in this graphic and you will see the circles on either side rotating either clockwise or counter-clockwise depending on their orientation within your peripheral field. This is not an animation, this is caused by a recursive line-resolution bug in your visual processing system.

If you look at the rungs of any of the wheels in this illusion, you will see that each blue-black-green dot cluster is made up of tiny oval lines, not straight lines. Because the pattern-recognition wetware in the eye's peripheral field expects to see a straight-line "spoke" radiating out from the center of each wheel, the elliptical lines and alternating colors in each rung causes an un-resolvable ambiguity in line-differentiation wetware.

In other words, visual comprehension in the periphery is constructed by "fill-in" algorithms that "paint" in patterns and fills as they radiate out from the center of perception where information is densest. While focal perception in the center remains still and constant, the peripheral wetware struggles to resolve a solid line that it can cling to, and thus keeps passing the line-resolution task back and forth between successive lateral analyses resulting in the illusion of creeping motion.

What is nice about this illusion is that it clearly demonstrates what happens when the inhibitory processes that "lock" line resolution in the periphery malfunction: you get fluid creeping lines that wiggle around at the edge of your field of vision and refuse to resolve themselves. I would call this a clear stage one or even stage two visual hallucination on the standard rating scale, and it is the optic equivalent of the creeping carpets and melting walls you get on a mild-dose LSD trip.

And the awesome thing is that you can almost clock how fast each one of these lateral iterations occurs; I estimate my refresh rate is roughly 18-35 Hz (cycles-per-second) with very fluid frame advance and some frame stuttering as peripheral lines "set" and then become fluid again. This one simple illusion demonstrates so much about the processes and limitations of our visual processing system it is insane. It also elegantly explains why so many things appear curiously animated when glimpsed "out of the corner of your eye" as opposed to being stared at directly. This image is so awesome it actually hurts my brain. I love it!
Ahh this is Crazy, in the focused area of my vision its standing perfectly still but around it it is moving all around like back and forward.
My eyes really began to hurt after a couple minutes watching Happywide
Fun stuff..
UrBaN sHaMaNiSm
Can't get them to circle properly =[ They do flip in and out of their current color pattern and just green/white/black for me.
Heheheh, yea saw this image before,
I realy like this kind of stuff.

[Image: trippy.jpg]


[Image: trippy.jpg]


Ahh and Silv, you should watch the image in a bigger size thats always better
Enjoy The Flavor Of Life>>
once with dmt, the skin of my hands moved just like that first illusion (the one that seems like a bunch of peanuts)! it is strange when you are sober, though.
i have that one in the opening post actually big sized. It was in my living room before I started to live together Happywide
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wow!!! so cooooooooooooooool!!!!!

alice Happywide
We're all mad here!
Check this before looking at those pics (or anything) mrgreen
HeartCore a écrit :
i have that one in the opening post actually big sized. It was in my living room before I started to live together Happywide

Friend of mine has the same in his attic every time I'm walking upstairs to his room I enter all trippy :wink:

And his uncle is a famous dutch artist he makes beutiful art and they work at the same way as this trippy pictures only not at a visual level but psycologic. The painting doesnt move but your thoughts about the subject just keep changing.. Happywide
To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.
-William Blake
Space-is-the-Place a écrit :
Check this before looking at those pics (or anything) mrgreen

OMG!! im impressed Tounge
it remindes me of my trip lastnight when i started noticing the effects of the cubies i ate...
its all gooodHappywide
Think of your last words carefully...


Space-is-the-Place a écrit :
Check this before looking at those pics (or anything) mrgreen

gonna do that while under the influence of something. Definitely turning off the soudn though! Tounge
Space-is-the-Place a écrit :
Check this before looking at those pics (or anything) mrgreen

I'd watched a similar program like that on shroomz and lots of pure chocolade Happywide
its gives a nice effect but very confusing Tounge
UrBaN sHaMaNiSm
Dosenation got it from http://www.ritsumei.ac.jp/~akitaoka/index-e.html , there's an artist who makes dozens of these optical illusions : )
Godsend with great ability
anybody pls tell me how to explain this picture...

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