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Welcome to those who’ve just found out that their regular hangout is all shiny and new, and totally revised. Welcome to all newbies! Just because we expect many of them we’ve created a special introduce yourself-forum. So don’t be shy and make yourself heard.

Just to keep this forum enjoyable for everyone a few rules have to be announced. We don’t like scrolling through endless pages of this stuff ourselves, so we just keep it brief and basic. By registering at and using this forum you acknowledge and agree to these rules, just as to our disclaimer.

Read them carefully and be aware that they could be modified any time. Thank you!

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Make sure you are not double posting, only post here if your question has not been answered already; use the search button.

Also check for spelling and grammar, do not use Caps Lock. Neither do we tolerate objectionable language.

No spamming, flaming or trolling: don't make posts that are inflammatory just to annoy people. We do not appreciate it if you create multiple accounts for this or any other reason.

Respect the privacy of others. Do not post phone numbers, addresses, pictures, etc. other than your own, without permission.

This forum is not meant for advertising, selling or buying. Posts with data considering these activities, such as prizes, will be deleted. Members offering or requesting illegal substances will be banned and put upon our IP blacklist.

Breaking any of the rules may result in finding your account deleted immediately.

If you find a post or receive a PM is in conflict with these rules, please report it to a moderator or administrator. We are thankful that you are helping us keeping an alive and respectful environment.
I've been a regular on (a cannabis site) for a few years but I truly believe I will enjoy my time here even more. Obviously, only time will tell, but I really like this place. Big Grin

I do have one suggestion... if there was a way to reward or acknowledge someone for an informative or worthwhile post/thread, that would be nice.
Overgrow has a "Karma" system... K+ for good posts, K- for "bad" posts, and you get little green dots under your name as you accumulate "Karma". Members give one another positive "Karma" as a token of appreciation and I believe that helps "newbies" quickly determine who's advice is more meaningful and accurate as they search for answers to their questions.

Of course, that can also be a waste of time and server resources, but it's something you might want to consider. Just my opinion... for what it's worth. Big Grin
Learning continues until you close your mind...
the more you grow, the more you'll know. Big Grin
Thanks for the feedback , I have moved the topic to Feedback & Support seemt logical thing to do. I have been on many times and its a real good forum for growing. It is focused on cannabis though , here we can discuss al kinds of topics and the groth of many plants and other living things.

I will look into you suggestion it sounds like a good system especially if its concerning advise in growing, you do not want to go wrong there. Hope its technical possible but we will look into it. Thanks for the feedback hope people will follow you example and give us a lot of feedback.

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