First time LSD questions
Bit of background on me: I have not done any true psychedelics before. No shrooms or anything.
My friend and I are looking to drop some acid, 2 hits each of rather high quality stuff (exact dosage not known).
Heres my questions:
-How long should we expect the trip to be? Will we be able to pass off as not "high" after 8 hours (presumably in the comedown).
-We have two options of settings... first would be go to the mall, then a movie, and eat dinner there. This would be during the afternoon, from 1PM to about 9PM. The second option is to not start the trip until about 11PM at my house, and go until the next morning. Now... there is the possibility of a "bad" trip at the mall, yes I know. What sort of likelihood is this, especially at about 200ug? We both are very laid back and not likely to see shit and get worried about it, i.e. people trying to kill us Tongue During the night we would be just us two, maybe with small interruptions from other people but minor ones. We would be in the quiet, relative dark, with not much stuff to distract us. We are sorta out for the most... dramatic and wild trip we can... but we dont want to be so flipped out at the mall we cant act... what do you guys think is the best, or is this a no duh for the house?
-Any suggestions for us? What we should do to better enjoy ourselves?

Thanks for your advice, Im looking forward to my first real psychedelic experience Big Grin
look up presets on youtube and rack up 2-3 hours worth, set up a video game that is mellow with lots of color ie mario world or somehing... have some highlighters out and paper if you wanna draw and maybe some nice music. try to do it without anyone else home and you guys will be good.
i think a normal dose is like 5micrograms? 200 is high % chance of brain damage and over 500 will result in permanent damage. plenty of documentires and case studies have shown people who accidently were doses with 500-2000 micrograms and lost major functioning.
GL Smile and be safe
5 micro grams would do nothing to you 200ug is a fine dose and will not result in brain damage. apart from music paper and easy gaming the rest of that post it complete crap
Erowid LSD (Acid) Vault : Dosage

here you go badilo, mr.genius... I said think it was 5, my mistake its 50 is normal dose and the other numbers and damage i listed are legitimate. you might be a good example of too much acid and brain damage.
dont tell other ppl to do a damaging dose to boost your ego.

other things i said were a fun mellow first time trip. other people home can cause anxiety, anxiety may lead to a bad trip and why would that "crap" i said not be in his best interest to do?

ill give you an ego boost and tell you (badilo) youre the champ for doing such high doses and telling me off. but, F off and dont put people in harms way. a smaller dose is safer for a first time than a high dose.
well thats not a fault on my behalf. i dont know where you get your information but brain damage from psychedelics has never been proven or documented. your first post here is full of misinformation
Be sure that someone have tried the thing you take before, and had been safe. Few years ago, i took some and the trip was so hard that i nearly passed away. It was so strong that i saw mechanic fishes around me and i went in a different world where my body could cross the matter and with a lot of noise. It was like a real dream. So stay in a quiet place, with people you can trust. It's good to be in the coutry, but in a place you know.
Does it really cause brain damage? Any font for that?
Nerex a écrit :Does it really cause brain damage? Any font for that?

So far there is zero evidence to support that claim, in fact:
LSD and other psychedelics not linked with mental health problems | ScienceNordic
Wether you've tried it or not by now man I don't know, but if you're a steady headed person with no underlying psychosis or mental health problems then you will be fine and there isn't a chance you're going to go insane.
It's when people already have these problems and they haven't reached there extent yet, lsd can speed up the process.
Hope this helped, happy tripping see you on the other side Wink
I personally find LSD a very mild psychedelic, even on high doses (250-300micrograms) above that, it can be very challenging when your sense of EGO can kick your back. And only doses of 350-500mics are even worth to me to begin with. In fact I find LSD the easiest psychedelic there is.

I don't do LSD often, and personally it's one of the psychedelics I can't imagine ever experiencing a bad trip on.
I can imagine myself going bad at a very busy place like a mall on any psychedelic, and yes also on LSD.

LSD feels like a psychedelic I can easily get in control with, especially on 200mics. But I don't recommend you take any psychedelic the first time in busy places.
Based on your personality and your coolness which kinda makes me thing about myself actually, I would say you shouldn't worry. But in rhetoric, dont do a psychedelic for your first time in crowded places.
Your first trip is probably going to define your attitude toward the drug you take, and you don't want to waste it by challenging yourself to much.

Personally I only take psychedelic during the day, when I'm fully rested, I don't even consider taking a psychedelic at night, not to mention staying up until morning. Mostly I only want to sleep after a trip anyway.
But remember, everybody is different, which is why I don't think anybody can give you a real answer, only their own ideas and experiences. So take mine with a grain of salt, and hold on to the advice given by others that's most applicable to yourself.
I like your style cosmic agree with most of what you said. Lsd is a very subtle psychedelic for me too.. I think your missing out on some magic only starting in the day .. theres something about the energy of 4am when your a couple of thousand ugs down the rabbit hole.
Alright for you guys fighting at the top here is the real dosage guide

It is all explained in this post perfectly, I haven't done pure LSD yet but this post will explain it all dont listen to the guy that talked about brain damage and stuff bro. saying that it affects people differently like cosmic said its really subtle for him, and others will say 100-150 mics will do magic for them, just start off smaoll if you're unsure and then wait 2 weeks for tolerance and slowly find your sweet spot
and remember once you get the message hang up the phone.

your trip could last anywhere from 8-12 hrs

I would say for beginners that its all about set and setting, it would probably be better to dose at home just because you don't know how you will react as it is your first time

and for enjoying it, make sure you don't have anything to do while tripping.
chuck on some tunes
keep a pad and some coloured pencils or highlighters
watch trippy shit on youtube or tv *cough* rick and morty *cough*
and just enjoy it dude
Try to read this article about LSD - It gives me some knowledge about LSD together with other articles I have read especially wikipedia ...

Actually, I really did some research about LSD and other psychedelics like magic mushrooms, MDMA, DMT and other types because I wanted to have a deeper knowledge about these type of drugs before using them..
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