First Candyflip
Hi guys !! This saturday, I will experience my first candyflip!! I already have experienced lsd 2 times (150 ug the first time and 110 the second) and about 5 or 6 times mdma, always between 0.1 and 0.3g. This weekend, I planned to go in a Halloween and black lights rave, where there'll be 4 differents rooms with 4 different type of music (trance, hard style, etc) and I CAN'T WAIT. But, I was wondering how should I dose each product ?? My idea was to do the half of a 110 ug cartoon, which would be between 50 et 60ug, and 0.1g of mdma. But, as I would REALLY love to have an amaaziiing candyflip, I'm afraid that those quantities wouldn't be enought to completely have the great feeling of a candyflip, which is said to be THE BEST !!! What would you recommand for me, considering I'm "pretty used" to both drugs? But don't forget I'm gonna be in an intense psychedelic rave...

I can't wait to have your responses, thank you !!! Smile
No advice to give you but good luck!!
I think he/she already did it.

Anyway, it's my favourite combo for dancing.

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