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Extract in a handkerchief

I still have some 5x extract and lost interest in the smoking method. I do want to try oral use of salvia as I think it has more potential for insight as it is calmer.
I thought of putting one gram of extract in a handkerchief to suck on, so it doesn't become a total mess in my mouth and I have something to chew on...

Would this work, and be a good dose...?
as we separate and compare
yeah, i would like to try this method too, i would have, but i don't really have enough information on the matter.. im intersted to see how it turns out for you though.. yeah im over smoking that stuff, tastes way too bad, and is a little too much like getting shot in the face with a psychadelic shotgun, IMO i'd be infinitely better if you could slow down the process
cannabis is an entheogen too!

other places i visit:
" i'd be infinitely better if you could slow down the process"

In my experience either you get shot in the face with the shotgun or nothing more than sea sickness happens .
If in doubt double the dose

"Its hard to be humble , when you`re as great as i am"


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