English section moderators recruitment
Dear Psychonaut users,

Following the English forum reorganization, we are now opening new English moderator positions.

The new moderators will have the following responsibilities :
1. Deleting spam on the forums and banning the spammers.
2. Make sure that the rules are being respected by :
2.1 : Locking inapropriate topics.
2.2 : Deleting topics that contains forbidden informations such as RC vendors.
2.3 : Removing personal informations posted on the forum such as private email addresses.
2.4 : Banning people who still don't respect the rules after being warned or coming here in the sole purpose of drug-hookups.
3. Discussions with the team regarding the forum organization, evolution, proposals etc.

The requirements are the following :
1. English speaking people. English doesn't have to be the mothertongue, but the applicants must be fluent with it.
2. If possible, having a previous experience as a forum moderator using the vBulletin software.

Should you be interested into helping Psychonaut improving, feel free to send your application to me by PM or post it in this thread!


The Psychonaut Team
Hello there! :ninja:
I am the divine spirit that harmonizes with the laws
projecting the digital loom,the tool of experiencing desire and finding ecstasy in process.
I am me, we are you

Il est donc primordial, y compris dans l'intérêt des teufs, de se mobiliser et de soutenir les amateurs de substances psychoactives.Peu importe si tu consommes des drogues ou pas. Nul n'a besoin d'être homo pour soutenir la Gay Pride.
hey, i think it would be great to be a moderator!!... but what if i'm not good enough?

i'm so disgusted by the world of today.. Sad
Why not request Don_Fouinardo by MPWink
BrainEater a écrit :hey, i think it would be great to be a moderator!!... but what if i'm not good enough?


Then you will be punished with tarring and feathering on the public place.

Just kiddin', it's an easy job really, only some ethic issue time to time but in this case feel free to discuss it with the other mods before doing anything.
If your head is too open your brain falls out
Did someone explain you where is the mod panel and how to ban ?
If your head is too open your brain falls out
Seems like a tough job.
I'm more than cool, I'm
(┌●_●Wink supercool.
Would love to help the boards since I have learned a lot here but I don't have a lot of time to devote to the boards as I once did. I haven't had time for much other than work since I started to work for myself recently. :crybaby:
Since the English Psychonaut section now has active moderators, the recruitment is closed. Thanks for everybody's participation!

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