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MDMA, a popular club drug, may restore Parkinson's-related neural damage

Only a few years ago, Maryland researchers made national headlines with the news that the drug Ecstasy could cause Parkinson's disease.

Now an Ohio researcher has shown how the club drug may actually lead to a way to restore the parts of the brain that deteriorate in Parkinson's, the neurological disorder that makes hands unsteady, movement stiff, walking difficult, and even erase facial expression.

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First XTC pills unharmful

Taking one to six xtcpills has shown no noticable negative effects on the brain. This was shown by a study of neuropsychologist Gerry Jager of the University Medical Center (UMC) in Utrecht, Holland.

The memory and attention level will not be altered, so concludes Jager. She used the so-called functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging technique for her study. This enables studying the brains while active.

According to the UMC there might be other techniques that may find negative results in the long term by those who use small amounts of XTC, but it hasn't been researched so far.

Jager concludes that frequent use of XTC leads to a diminished performance of the brain. These effects were mainly described to other drugs that were combined with, or processed in XTC such as amphetamines (speed).

Good news, but you have to find the pure mdma, not the mixed pills...
Or if all the dealers/producers will get more responsible

(yeah like that's ever gonna happen...)

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